Mishmash Bakery, Golden Stick Festival

Mishmash Bakery
Although Svetlana Makarovič wrote several versions of her book Mishmash Bakery, the dramatisation for this performance is based on its first version from 1974. The stage director decided to supplement the story about the kind-hearted Mishmash, who bakes the best bread far and wide, with live music – thus positioning a musician on the baker’s shop roof – as well as with songs, sang to accentuate certain points in the performance by the performers themselves. Unveiled on the stage are as real world of the humans as well as the night world in the mouse's kingdom to depict a contrast between the society that sticks its nose in everything and everyone and an individual, unwilling to allow the community to control his life. The plot thickens, when the furious village miller's wife Jedrt, who is unable to survive from the repurchase of her three small sucks of flour, decides to solve the Mishmash's mystery. She is joined by the envious Chicken Baker and curious villagers, headed by their Mayor.
  • In 1975, Mishmash Bakery and its author received the prestigious Levstik Award. In 1992, the story's sequel was published in the book The Baker Mishmash in Stone Village (Publisher: Radovljica: Didakta).
  • The heroes, depicted in the works by Svetlana Makarovič, are always original or »different« and never obedient or submissive. That is why they are pushed to the margin, never accepted, rejected and ridiculed by the others. The author does not idealise the world, but rather problematises it. Her texts are socially critical and involved, problem-oriented and subversive.

Premiere: 3rd October 2015

Slovensko ljudsko gledališče Celje / Slovenian People's Theatre Celje
Original Dramatisation, Additional Songs, Direction: Jure Novak
Author: Svetlana Makarovič
Dramaturgy: Tina Kosi
Set Design: Urša Vidic
Costume Design: Mateja Benedetti
Original Music: Uroš Buh
Repetition: Simon Dvoršak
Choreography: Brane Potočan
Language Coaching: Jože Volk
Performed by: Aljoša Koltak, Jagoda, Tarek Rashid, David Čeh, Manca Ogorevc, Tanja Potočnik, Damjan M. Trbovc, Rastko Krošl, Mario Šelih, Igor Sancin, Igor Žužek
Musicians: Nataša Lazić/Janja Šuštaršič, piano; Jernej Luzar/Danej Pukl, guitar
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