What if …, Golden Stick Festival

What if …
On an empty stage, the members of creative team use their bodies and text, conveyed in verses to challenge us with a question: What would the world be like without plastic toys, “lego” bricks, computers and smart phones, and what are the things we could then actually play with? This playful puppet performance without puppets, plays with the games from the past, transferring them to the present time, the time of some »new« kids: rhymes, opposites, puzzles, deaf telephone, pantomime, imitation, finger games, paper banding, black man, hockey, cradle, etc. A dynamic journey back to the analogue times, when »toys were still in our heads«, is not only a nostalgic turn to the past, but rather a wish to inspire us to reuse our heads for creative games without digital technology.
  • To play games means not only to relax and kill boredom, but also to learn and practice. It is through games that children learn different skills, and games provide exercises in relationships as well. “In addition to an imaginary killing of boredom, the concept of game covers much more. When playing, children play over their lives, or actually practice their lives.” (Nebojša Pop Tasić)
  • A toy is an object we buy, and it already has certain functions, or sometimes even the instructions for playing are added to it. Thus a large part of imagination falls away. The basic elements of playing without toys become voice, word, body and objects, which we can find in every apartment.

Premiere: 1st October 2015

Lutkovno gledališče Maribor / Puppet Theatre Maribor
Director: Marko Bulc
Author: Nebojša Pop Tasić
Performed by: Metka Jurc, Tilen Kožamelj, Danilo Trstenjak, Filip Šebšajevič a. g.
Original Music: Damir Avdić
Original Visual Design: Damir Leventić
Language Coaching: Metka Damjan
Costume Design: Mojca Bernjak
Lighting Design: Enver Ibrahimagić
Sound Design: Mitja Pastirk
05.10.2017 at 09:30
Stage: Grand Stage LGL
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