20 000 Leagues under the Sea, Golden Stick Festival

20 000 Leagues under the Sea
Intertwined in this concise staging of the fantastic tale by Jules Verne are physical theatre, objects animation and video projection. It invites its viewers to embark on the submarine called Nautilius – the one that disturbs the sailors as a strange and unknown object and is considered guilty for all the unusual marine disasters. Thus a mysterious and a bit insane captain Nemo, a professor and an expert on deep seas Aronnax, his assistant Conseil and a daring whaler Ned Land sale on a journey around the world under the sea. On this adventure the viewers travel with the crew to many countries, discover many corners of the Earth as well as a mysterious beat of the sea depths and the life in them.
  • In his works French writer Jules Verne tells the stories about the journey under the sea, to the future (2890), to the centre of the Earth and space, which have inspired many science-fiction stories, remakes and adaptations. The first Slovenian translation of the Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea, subtitled as Captain Nemo (in French original - Vingt mille lieues sous les mers, 1870) was published by Jugoslovanska knjigarna in 1932 (the translator was not specified), whereas its translation by Janko Moder, was published by Mladinska knjiga (20.000 Leagues under the Sea, 1956). In 1945, its film version came out, produced by Walt Disney and awarded an Academy Award for Best Special Effects and Best Art Direction – Colour.

Premiere: 11th February 2016

Anton Podbevšek Teater
Director: Matjaž Pograjc
Author: Jules Verne
Original Adaptation: Blažka Müller Pograjc
Performed by: Klara Kastelec, Rok Kravanja, Nik Škrlec, Vito Weis
Set and Lighting Design: Tomaž Štrucl
Choreography: Branko Potočan
Costume Design: Nataša Recer
Original Music: Marko Brdnik and Uroš Rakovec
Original Models and Puppets: Barbara Stupica and Barbara Bulatović
Video Design: Luka Dekleva
Animation Advising: Brane Vižintin
Assistant Director: Lucija Seljak
07.10.2017 at 18:00
Stage: Cankarjev dom
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