Theatre from Z to A, Golden Stick Festival

Theatre from Z to A
Theatre from Z to A is an educational performance, revealing to its youngest viewers a course of theatrical staging – only behind-the-scenes. It revolves around the two curious little villains A and Z on their mission to unveil all the theatrical secrets. They slip away through the backstage entrance to get to know a new theatre master, hiding behind each door – a stage manager, stagehands, scene-shifters, a dressmaker, a make-up artist, a property man, a dresser, sound and lighting engineers – and skilfully solving all sorts of unexpected tasks and adding to the complex mosaic of a collective process, without which theatrical performances would never be what they are.
  • The author of this text Ira Ratej was inspired by the witty descriptions of theatrical professions from the books by Osip Šest Open Sesame! (Sezam, odpri se!) and Karel Čapek How it is made – Theatre  (Jak se co dělá- divadlo).
  • To supplement the performance, our theatre team also created »a play to take home« - a play record, on which the illustrator Jaka Vuketič used some comic strip vocabulary to create a bunch of amusing heroes from backstage. Using playing figures and a cube, you will be able to remain on a journey to the mysterious corners of theatre – starting from the entrance to the stage - even after the performance.

Premiere: 26th September 2015

Drama SNG Maribor / Slovenian National Theatre Drama Maribor
Director: Ivana Djilas
Author: Ira Ratej
Set and Costume Design: Maja Mirković
Original Music: Boštjan Gombač
Language Coaching: Janez Bostič
Choreography: Ivica Knez
Lighting Design: Tomaž Bezjak
Performed by: Mirjana Šajinović / Irena Varga, Vladimir Vlaškalić / Ivica Knez
05.10.2017 at 18:00
Stage: Šentjakobski oder LGL
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