Animal News, Golden Stick Festival

Animal News
Animal News puts on stage heroes and stories, conceived as a series of short stories by children's and young adult writer Primož Suhodolčan. Staged in this performance are his five short »action comedies«: Boredom Infected Flies (Dolgčas okužil muhe), No Grass, Cows Gone Mad (Trave ni, krave znorele), A War for Grass (Vojna za travo), Another Duck Fell From the Sky (Raca spet padla z neba) and It's Nice to be a Parrot (Lepo je biti papagaj). Appearing as a main hero in all the episodes is sometimes a little clumsy, but most of the time original boy named Primož, who sets out time and again on unpredictable adventures with some unusual animal heroes. Therefore also present on stage is a presenter of this series of stories, stapled into a frame of »theatrical show«, broadcasting the news from the animal and human worlds.
  • Animal News is a collection of four books, written by Primož Suhodolčan, illustrated by Uroš Horvat and published by Založba Karantanija in 1998, 2001, 2009 and 2014. The books are conceived as a newspaper with illustrations - partially in a form of a comic strip -, including a number of wittily designed stories of animal heroes, which in many ways resemble – according to their characteristics, as well as according to their deeds -, humans and the current events in the human world.

Premiere: 1st October 2016

Gledališče Koper and SNG Nova Gorica / Koper Theatre and Slovenian National Theatre Nova Gorica
Original Dramatisation and Direction: Ajda Valcl
Author: Primož Suhodolčan
Set Design: Marco Juratovec
Costume Design: Andrej Vrhovnik
Original Music: Mirko Vuksanović
Lighting Design: Alen Hrvatin
Performed by: Andrej Zalesjak, Rok Matek / Gorazd Žilavec, Igor Štamulak, Medea Novak
Sold out
03.10.2017 at 10:00
Stage: Grand Stage LGL
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