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I wish …
The staging is based on the dramatic scenes and texts, sent to the Ljubljana Drama Theatre Contest by teenagers (aged between 10 and 15), who were asked to elaborate the topic »I wish it had happened otherwise«. In collaboration with the writers and performers the selected texts were adapted and compiled by the stage director and dramaturge. Through a fragmented narration about the four teenagers, who became friends in a dance school, the staging focuses on their intimate experience of the world, relations with each other, with their families and teachers, thus unveiling their desire for friendship and acceptance, feeling of uncertainty and powerlessness, fear from failure and rejection. The story of each individual is unique. Despite the difference between them and the variety of problems they are facing, they share a common wish: that they would be what they are and nevertheless or exactly therefore accepted by society.
  • The theatre has invited young participants to join the Best Dramatic Scene or Shorter Dramatic Text Contest Najst (Teen) within its Club Teen (Klub Najst) and Young Drama Programme (Program Mlada drama).  The writers were also encouraged to further improve their texts on various workshops. According to the theatre programme and dramaturge Eva Kraševec, they chose for their staging the fragments and moments from the texts, in which »staging potential as well as sincerity and straightforward attitude to the world was recognised; their value lies in the adolescents’ expressive authenticity of experience.« The authors of the selected instructions are: Jakob Adamič Šeme, Jona Dežman, Manca Gosenca, Pika Kovač, Lota Martinjak, Manca Mihorko, Ajša Ocvirk, Neja Smontara, Gea Stošicki and Maruša Škrjanc.

Premiere: 6th May 2016

SNG Drama Ljubljana / Slovenian National Theatre Drama Ljubljana
Director: Juš A. Zidar
Author: An original project, conceived from the texts, selected from the Najst (Teen) Contest
Dramaturgy: Eva Kraševec
Set Design: Ajda Primožič
Costume Design: Tina Bonča
Choreography: Gregor Luštek
Original Music: Jurij Alič (the song Mreža za metulje (A Butterfly Net) by: Matic Lukšič)
Lighting Design: Metod Novak
Video Design: Sandi Skok
Language Coaching: Klasja Kovačič
Assistant Set Designer: Sara Slivnik
Performed by: Mia Skrbinac, Nina Ivanišin, Miranda Trnjanin, Klemen Janežič, Maja Sever, Vojko Zidar
04.10.2017 at 18:00
Stage: Šentjakobski oder LGL
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