Zaradi bolezni v ansamblu Sapramiška danes in jutri odpade, nadomestni predstavi sta Kdo je napravil Vidku srajčico ter Medved in mali


Bert the Pilot piloted a kite that he had made himself. He loved Elvira and intended to marry her. But because he devoted more time to flying than Elvira, she decided to leave and make a new life for herself. She set out for America. Bert then got into his kite and flew after her. He came across a storm and his kite crashed in the middle of a desert. Now, Bert lives alone, in the middle of the desert. He made a home out of the shattered kite. Overwhelmed by an irrational fear of flying, he can no longer fly. It is only from below that he now observes the world he loved most. He soon meets his neighbours and when they find out that he is/was a pilot, they ask him to help them fly. They all have their own reason for wanting to soar into the sky. From the remains of his paper kite, Bert makes flying objects that lift them up and fulfil their wishes. With each new flight of his neighbour, his fear of flying is reduced. Gradually, he decides to fly again.
The character of Bert was inspired by the biography of Samuel Franklin Cody (1867–1913), a showman, kite-maker and a passionate aviator. In his youth, Cody joined a travelling circus and later established his own travelling theatre, which secured his financial stability. He invested the earned money in his hobby – the making of kites.

The performance is a mixture of live-action, puppet and object theatre, constantly in contact and dialogue with video animation (drawing) and the mapping technique.

Katja Povše is a puppet animator, actor and storyteller. She also works as a director and co-creator of puppet performances for children and adults. She established the Miss Bazilika Storytelling Theatre and is a founding member of AEIOU, a theatre for babies and toddlers.

Premiere: 30th November 2017, Grand Stage LGL
Director: Katja Povše
Concept: Katja Povše, Špela Trobec
Text and dramaturgy: Anže Virant
Puppets, set and costumes design: Špela Trobec
Cast: Lovro Finžgar, Miha Arh, Aja Kobe, Martina Maurič Lazar, Gašper Malnar
Puppet technology: Žiga Lebar
Puppets and objects production: Žiga Lebar
Music: Gregor Zemljič
Animation: Špela Čadež, Zarja Menart, Špela Trobec
Mapping: Boštjan Čadež
Lighting design: Kristjan Vidner
Proofread: Irena Androjna Mencinger
Stage manager and sound designer: Izidor Kozelj
Video / technician: Luka Bernetič
Lights: Kristjan Vidner
Set technician: Iztok Vrhovnik
Puppets, set and costumes production: Žiga Lebar, Sandra Birjukov, Marjetka Valjavec, Iztok Bobić, Polona Černe, Zoran Srdić, Špela Trobec, Tereza Ondrůšková, Mojca Rodman, Smrekca d.o.o., Uroš Mehle, s. p.
Wigs: Gabrijela Fleischman