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Lučka the Dandelion

Lučka the Dandelion
Every dandelion gets a blowball. Who has never blown it and then observed its small seeds dreamily floating in the air? But Lučka the Dandelion is not an ordinary blowball. And she is not an ordinary dandelion. Because she wants to see what she looks like, she sets out from the meadow for the city. There, people look at themselves in shop windows and go to the cinema and the theatre to watch themselves. On her way, she meets unusual animals, plants, people and reflections. To see herself, she must overcome a few fears, make a few friends and travel along a few byways.
Gregor Strniša wrote a warm story about fear, courage and the awareness of one’s own image for the youngest, above all for his daughter Erna, who was only a few years old at the time. He condensed it into one day, full of adventures and trials, green meadows and city streets, reflections, mirrors and blowballs. The staging will play with reflections and mirror images. In a city of metal and concrete, we will search for a piece of nature – dandelion and grass. And, in it, one’s true reflection.

Gregor Strniša, a poet, playwright and lyricist, also wrote a few works for young people and poems and fairytales for children. With his poetic style, he entered literature for the youngest, introducing to it his idea of “space consciousness” – the awareness that the smallest thing reflects the fundamental characteristics of the universe.

In the fairytale Lučka the Dandelion, this can be seen both in the lyrical narration and the poem inserted in the narration, as well as the form of the used phrases. As an independent picture book, the fairytale was first published in 1987 by Mladinska knjiga, and was re-published in 2011 in Zlata ptica, an anthology of stories and poems illustrated by Ančka Gošnik Godec.

Maruša Kink is an actor, director and co-founder of the Margareta Schwarzwald Institute, in which she works as the artistic director. In recent years, she has also intensively worked on performances for children and youth
(The Big Bang, Prosto po Prešernu (Prešeren as You Like It, Romeo and Juliet), not only directing them, but also conceiving and adapting them.

Premiere: March 2018, Šentjakob Stage LGL
Director: Maruša Kink
Author: Gregor Strniša
Visual design: Tina Dobrajc, Špela Čadež
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