Monkeys, LUTKE 2018

The robotic ritual Monkeys, performed by people and machines, depicts a journey into reality of a group of exotic, robotic monkeys. These incredible creatures, created to the slightest detail, live in a mechanical universe, blurring the lines between man and machine, between “live” and “dead”. As if completely unaware of the outside world, the monkeys live in their perfect, artificial microcosmos. They were made to trigger sense of deep identification on the one side, and reflection on the distinction of man and his “thoughts”, on the other. This wandering between empathy and distance creates a theatrical reality of contradictions and emotional tension.

The boundaries between art and science, between moving and non-moving, hidden and visible are blurred by twelve performers: three men and nine robotic apes, complemented by a myriad of lighting and sound technologies. The encounter of the animate and inanimate performers creates their relations and through-space interaction.  This meticulously devised hand-made performance, created by Drori and a group of his collaborators over a period of five years, is characterized by its obsessively precisely designed tools – more than three hundred machines on stage are responsible for the detailed depiction of anatomical features and facial expressions of the characters. Used in this performance is the so called open source technology, EMG, traditional and modern processing technology as well as the wood and metal processing technology.

The theatre director and set designer Amit Drori is the director of the Hazira Performance Art Arena, Jerusalem. In the last ten years, he developed a unique theatre of visions, characterised by performances based on one’s expression through images, animated forms and physical computing. In this process, he simultaneously develops dramatic and visual elements. During the performance, he then uses them on stage in a unique way.

The performance will be staged in the framework of the European projectN.A.P.P., which contributes to the development of contemporary approaches in puppetry in relation to digital art, enabling the extension of the reference space of puppets to new hybrid forms of performing arts. The project joins four famous European institutions with a rich puppetry heritage from Belgium (Centre de la Marionnette de la Communauté Française de Belgique), Slovenia (Ljubljana Puppet Theatre), Romania (Teatrul Municipal Tony Bulandra) and France (Action Culturelle du Val de Lorraine).

Premiere: 10th April 2018, Stage under the Stars LGL
LGL, Hazira – Performance Art Arena, Jeruzalem (Israel), TJP CDN d’Alsace and Theatre Garonne, Toulouse (France). // In cooperation with Maison de la Marionnette, Tournai (Belgium), Israel Festival, Jerusalem and Fest Factory, Bat Yam (Israel)
Director, author, set design: Amit Drori
Co-author, lighting design: Ofer Laufer
Dramaturgy: Sylwia Drori
Mehatronics and programming: Zvika Markfeld, Nils Houtteman, Amit Drori, Ofer Zvik
Hardware: Ofer Zvik
Coding and software: Zvika Markfeld, Nils Houtteman, Amit Drori
Production: Amit Drori, Ofer Laufer, Sylwia Drori, Nils Houtteman, Polona Černe
Cast: Amit Drori, Sylwia Drori, Ofer Laufer
15.09.2018 at 20:00
Stage: Stage Under the Stars
15.09.2018 at 22:00
Stage: Stage Under the Stars