Whale on the Beach

Whale on the Beach
The main character Nika is a somewhat unusual primary school pupil. Her family has moved to a new town and she now attends a new school. She is faced with new school friends, new teachers and new problems. She tries to connect and make new friends. In addition to the shenanigans of high-spirited primary school pupils, we will also get to know the teachers, parents and above all the pupils. Slowly, we will discover secrets, which we all have. Also Nika. Nika has a big secret … which in the end turns out not to be that big at all.
We live in a time in which we are too often witness to someone not liking someone else because they are different. It sometimes seems that we would all like to be like most people. As if we wanted no knowledge of the fact that it is precisely the differences and peculiarities that are our greatest wealth. Nature creates very different forms of life. And difference contains progress. And not only progress, but also beauty and life’s pleasures. This is what the dynamic and witty performance Whale on the Beach will also talk about.

Vinko Möderndorfer, the author of the novel and the director of the performance, received this year’s Desetnica, the award for the best work for children or youth conferred by the Slovene Writers’ Association. It was selected for the annual project Growing Up with a Book and so the story reached 22,000 primary school pupils. Many schools put it on their Reading Badge list. The novel points to the topical problem of inclusion, which will be entirely possible only when society realises that people have the same needs and desires and that people with special needs are not a threat. It is a story that speaks to all generations.

Premiere: May 2018, Šentjakob Stage LGL

Director: Vinko Möderndorfer
Author: Vinko Möderndorfer
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