A Storm in the Head

A Storm in the Head
A Storm in the Head is a daring theatre adventure in which young artists, together with the director and actor Primož Ekart and other creative collaborators, will learn about the latest discoveries concerning the workings of a teenage brain. In this period of one’s life, as many as 86,000 billion neurons trigger various daily changes, and at the same time enable a youthful explosion of creativity, audacity, excitement and courage. Together with the dramaturge and storyteller Ana Duša and the master of movement theatre Sebastjan Starič, young people will train their body and voice, learn various theatre techniques and improvisations and through different phases of creation get to know the entire theatre process, which they will complete with a performance created in professional working conditions. A Storm in the Head will open in April 2018 on the Stage under the Stars, at the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre.
Creativity and courage are things that are also essential in theatre. My wish is to work with the teenagers gathered in a theatre group and together with them create a performance about them, their life, their experiences, fears and wishes, hopes, anger and resistance, lack of understanding by adults, happiness and joy, in short, about the storm raging in their brains and hearts. I wish that, through theatre, they would find a pathway for their creativity, that theatre could be a channel for them to express all they cannot or do not know how to express in their everyday life. I would like for them to speak, through theatre, about the changes they are undergoing, to convey this to their peers, parents, teachers and the adults that might be interested in their world. I would like to offer them a language, a theatre language, which would be understood both by the teenagers, who necessarily need it because they have to express the storm in their head, and the ones who want to stand by their side.”
Primož Ekart

Premiere: 24th April 2018, Stage under the Stars LGL
Director: Primož Ekart
Author: Ned Glasier, Emily Lim
Dramaturgy: Ana Duša
Translation and adaptation: Primož Ekart, Ana Duša
Cast: Jaka Babič, Neža Dvorščak, Matic Eržen, Nace Korošec, Julita Kropec, Tilen Lajevec, Ana Logar, Aja Marković, Ronja Matevc Jerman, Maks Mihajlović, Jon Napotnik, Sergej Osterc, Urška Pečevnik, Ana Pribošič, Alica Ela Rogelj, Aleksandra Staroveški, Svit Stefanija
Set design: Damjan Leventić
Choreography: Sebastjan Starič
Lighting design: Igor Remeta
Music: Koala Voice
Assistant directors: Ana Kozina, Helena Šukljan
24.04.2018 at 18:00
Stage: Stage Under the Stars
25.04.2018 at 18:00
Stage: Stage Under the Stars
26.04.2018 at 18:00
Stage: Stage Under the Stars
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