Martin Krpan

Martin Krpan, foto Jaka Varmuž
Levstik's tale about the unbending, simple and brave hero Martin Krpan has always attracted the puppeteers from Ljubljana. After the Second World War the City Puppet Theatre was opened with marionettes made and directed by Ajša and Jože Pengov. Later on the new venues on the Krekov Square, where the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre remained situated until today, were inaugurated with a new staging, featuring the caricatured foamy marionettes, designed by painter an illustrator Matjaž Schmidt and directed by Miran Herzog.
This time this fundamental work of Slovenian literature is returning to our stage in a modern interpretation by a young stage director Tin Grabnar. Martin Krpan, secretly smuggling salt with his mare, glamorous life at the Imperial Court in Vienna, careless chopping of the magnificent court lime tree and wild duels offer a wonderful starting point for yet another puppet creation. The tale will unfold on a traditional puppet stage with a small square opening, through which we will be able to see a wide variety of worlds. The moving setting of hilly landscapes, dynamic perspectives of the spooky city walls and the luxurious Imperial Court will arouse the viewers' imagination, inviting them on a journey through the exciting story of one of the first heroes of Slovenian literature. The ancient stage will be rolling, deconstructing and re-constructing again. It will also offer a secret gaze backstage and thus disclose some new perspectives of viewing.   

In addition to the spatial transformation, this staging will be also marked by some modern reinvention of the traditional hand puppets technique. Intertwining with the technical virtuosity, rhythmicity and coordination of animators will be some stage tricks and magic, establishing by means of a play of theatrical illusion a new level of modern puppetry.   

This dynamic and playful performance will be also supported by some biting social critique, tiny political incorrectness and spiced up with a good measure of humour.

Tin Grabnar, a director of younger generation, expands his field of interest as in the area of alternative as well as dance and puppet theatre. Somewhere Else - the last performance he directed for the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre –, received a special award for a successful combination of puppet conception and application of modern technology in the theme realisation at the 50th International Puppet Festival PIF in Zagreb.

As part of the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre
Premiere: 25th October 2018, VELIKI ODER LGL/GRAND STAGE LGL

Patron of the jubilee season is Petrol.
Director: Tin Grabnar
Author: Fran Levstik
Visual Design: Špela Trobec
Adaptation: Ana Duša, Tin Grabnar, Brina Klampfer
Dramaturgy: Brina Klampfer
Cast: Maja Kunšič, Martina Maurič Lazar, Zala Ana Štiglic, Marjan Stanić k.g. (percussion)
Songs (text) and rehearsal coach: Ana Duša
Scenography: Tin Grabnar, Špela Trobec
Lighting Design: Igor Remeta
Composer: Marjan Stanić
Songs (music): Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar
Costumography: Sara Smrajc Žnidarčič
Language Coaching: Metka Damjan
Stage Manager and Sound Designer: Erik Krkač
Producer: Ana Rokvić Pinterič
Lights: Maša Avsec
Set Technician: Jure Popovič
Puppets, costumes and set production: Zoran Srdić, Iztok Bobić, Zala Kalan, Polona Černe, Sandra Birjukov, Marjeta Valjavec, Igor Remeta, Olga Milič, Špela Ulaga, Hana Juta Kozar, Žiga Lebar, Špela Trobec, Jože Lašič, Ivan Božičko (CNC), Cveto Kuniševič (3D sken), Nejc Šubic, Vladson, Zlatko Djogić, Lara Mastnak, Uroš Mehle s. p.