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The Little Beasts of Rezija

The Little Beasts of Rezija, Illustration: Lea Zupančič
The Little Beasts of Rezija and their instructive fables have been a part of childhood of many generations of young readers for over 40 years. The collection of fables, entitled as The Little Beasts of Rezija, based on the material, collected and explored by Dr. Milko Matičetov in the area of Rezija, was published in 1973. It was followed by its numerous radio, puppet and television revivals. Marking the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the famous ethnologist Dr. Milko Matičetov, the Little Beasts will be appearing on the stage of the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre for the first time.
Ethnologist Dr. Milko Matičetov devoted his life to collecting and exploring of Slovenian folk tradition. He discovered and collected a particularly surprising number of stories from the storytellers in the valley below Kanin Mountain, who were polishing their gift of storytelling especially through a variety of animal stories. They also competed with each other to find out whose story was more brilliant. For quite a longer period of time they devoted most of their attention to the stories about foxes – therefore, there is hardly a nation, boasting more of them. But is the fox always cunning and deceitful?  Even when her godfather Wolf invites her to join him on a test ride on a motorcycle, or when hungry for leisurely relaxation, she joins another two godmothers in their decadent hedonism. 

On the lookout for Rezijan spirit in the stories and music will be directress Maruša Kink.

Maruša Kink is an actress, director and cofounder of the Margareta Schwarzwald Institute, in which she also acts as an artistic director. In recent years she has been also intensively devoting herself to making shows for children and young people (Big Bang, Free Like Prešeren, Romeo and Juliet, iCankar), which she not only directs but also creates and adapts conceptually.

Director: Maruša Kink
Author: Milko Matičetov
Visual Design: Tina Dobrajc