Zaradi bolezni v ansamblu Sapramiška danes in jutri odpade, nadomestni predstavi sta Kdo je napravil Vidku srajčico ter Medved in mali


Goodbye, Illustration: Lea Zupančič
Once upon a time Mr. M was young, strong and respected. He could wear Cucumber on his back. Now he is tired and his hair turned grey; he sits in front of his house all days long, stares into the distance and reminisces about the past. About his kind and wise wife, his small house with a mailbox and four hairy children. He thinks about life and death …
Goodbye Mr. M (Adjö, herr Muffin, 2002) is one of the most award-winning performances and one of the best-selling Scandinavian picture books by Swedish writer Ulf Nilsson. It is a touching story about passing, parting and memory that fades away, and a story about life, when we allow ourselves to come to the end of the world and realise that there is no edge there. 

What is memory at all? Why do we feel that the world turns slowly when we are little, and as we age everything seems to run faster? Where is it? Where does it go, when we are not here anymore? Is it a sound that slowly sort of “unlayers” into an echo? Or, the northern lights, turning the sky into an endless space and electrifying our bodies? What colour is it? Does it have a smell? How can you grasp it? Do you grasp it at all? And last but not least: how do we theatralize it? Memory is composed of our momentary and past feelings, our vision of the future, our experiences and our wishes. Memories are making circles. Therefore, there is no end. See you. Goodbye!

Directed and Visually Designed by: Jasna Vastl
Author: Ulf Nilsson