Zaradi bolezni v ansamblu Sapramiška danes in jutri odpade, nadomestni predstavi sta Kdo je napravil Vidku srajčico ter Medved in mali


Stardust, Illustration: Lea Zupančič
Tristran Thorn is half human and half fairy, although he does not know it. In order to win the affection of the most beautiful girl in Wall, he sets out on a journey to Faerie in search for Stardust. Yet the road to the fallen star turns out to be long and dangerous. Amidst his miraculous and exciting adventure, filled with a myriad of trials and spells, he meets many unusual creatures, dead princes, flying pirates, a unicorn and of course the fallen star. He soon finds out that she is alive and beautiful, that she has long blonde hair and that she is extremely annoying. And as if all that is not enough, Tristran ends up not to be the only person who is looking for the Star. Although he fulfils the promise he gave to his beloved, Tristan’s fate chooses other paths upon his return to Wall …
Neil Gaiman (1960) is one of the best writers of fantasy tales, as well as author of many novels, short stories and comic strips, whose work was awarded by many prestigious literary awards. His adventure romantic fairy tale Stardust was nominated for the Locus Award in 1999, and received the Alex Award in 2000. American Association of Libraries has evaluated it as one of the best books for adults, which is also addressing children and young people.  

Stardust is a fantastic journey through the world of dreams that makes everything impossible possible. It is a performance, combining movement and words, body and video. It addresses its viewers, using intensive stage images, sound landscapes and music. The stage is a mirror, through which you enter in your imagination the world, which is an upside-down image of the world you know. You never know what comes next. Things are happening for themselves, becoming more and more unusual and unexpected. Until everything comes to a halt! Because the theatre, the dream-production machine got stuck. And it really needs the viewer's help ... Will the viewer be able to find his or her fallen star?  

Mala Kline is a performer, choreographer and writer. Her artistic and theoretical work is based on the practices of dreaming. When creating choreography or writing, she uses the so called Saphire® method, working with imagination and dreaming - as an encouragement of individual and collective dreaming for the depicting of singular worlds through the language of dreaming.


Directed and Choreographed by: Mala Kline
Author: Neil Gaiman
Visual Design: Petra Veber