The Weakness of PowerA Puppet Miniature, length 0 min

The Weakness of Power, Illustration: Lea Zupančič
The Weakness of Power sets out the theme of reigning. The decency of power. The establishment of values. Open manipulation. The transparent decision-making. Hidden considerations. The public image. Public smiles. Public disappointments. The purpose of decision-making. Doubts. Persistence. Trust. Mistrust. Listening. Answers. Silence. It is an original project, tackling intimate power. The pain of decision-making. The clarity of thought. The errors of intuition. Satisfaction over the victory. The public love. The hidden man. The confusion of thought. The need for solitude. The quest for the essence. The relativity of distance and closeness. Deeper insights. Approaches. Confidence. Listening. Whispering. Silence.
The authors will be exploring the area of the intimate puppet and object theatre. They will be looking for the materials, allowing a double look at the desired topic or object, the materials, increasing or decreasing, converging or diverging the seen. They like the marionettes and they like the strings they are manipulated with in particular. Will they place them in a space of comfort and protection? Will they focus more on the processes of marionette manipulation? Will they place us somewhere between the mirrors, strings, darkness and glass? Let us leave it to the theatre.

Jiří Zeman is an actor, director, and member of the International Theatre Krepsko; Gregor Lorenci is a visual artist and set designer; Martina Maurič Lazar is an actress and animator. They are the authors of exploration of the above listed themes, united under the title The Weakness of Power.

Directors: Jiři Zeman and Martina Maurič Lazar
Visual Design: Gregor Lorenci