The Snow Queen, LUTKE 2018

The Snow Queen, foto Boštjan Lah
One evening when their parents go to a dance, Gerda and Key stay home alone. Although the older sister should take care of her younger brother, he miraculously disappears. He is kidnapped by the Snow Queen. In her hopeless situation, Gerda sets out on a journey to the North Pole, where she is forced to confront her fears. The combination of sound, created with a variety of objects, storytelling and table puppets ignite the audience's imagination, inviting it to a rather special odyssey, aiming primarily to entrance their senses.
Maribor Puppet Theatre became a professional theatre in the 1974/75 season. Besides staging various shows for children and adults, it also throws an annual Summer Puppet Pier Festival as well as the main national biennial Festival of the Puppetry Artists Institution of Slovenia. The theatre, which operates in the renovated Minorite Monastery in Maribor, regularly tours both in Slovenia and abroad.
Lutkovno gledališče Maribor
Director: Tin Grabnar
Visual Designer: Darka Erdelji
Dramaturge: Nina Šorak
Performed by: Barbara Jamšek and Miha Bezeljak
Costume Designer: Mojca Bernjak
Music: Peter Kus
Lighting Image Designer: David Orešič
Sound Effects Designer: Mateja Starič
13.09.2018 at 09:30
Stage: Small Stage LGL
13.09.2018 at 17:00
Stage: Small Stage LGL