Kar - Repass, LUTKE 2018

Kar - Repass
Instead of the farewell from the departed, we are rather confronted in the performance, based on the motifs of Tolstoy's novel Anna Karenina, with the deceased's life story. The sound of clinking glasses and dishes blends into melodies, the teacups attend a ball as guests at the Russian Court, and finally the audience itself ends up playing the roles of the characters from the famous story about Anna Karenina. The openness of object theatre is depicted through a playful use of glass, paper, water and light. The metamorphosis of music and theatre, words and movement, as well as the deconstruction of traditional theatre forms, converts a romantic tragedy about an individual into a grotesque caricature of all of us.
Kar – Repass is a new creation by Matija Solce, a travelling puppeteer, actor, musician and director, who has been conquering the puppet stages around the world with his shows from the suitcase and accordion. The show was produced in a co-production with the Studio Damuza, which has been present on the theatre scene since 1999. The studio supports a new type of theatre, which does not fall under the usual theatrical practice, offering its space to ambitious projects of students and fresh graduates of the DAMU Academy.
Teater Matita and Studio Damuza, Slovenia, Czech Republic
Set Designer: Marianna Stránská
Directed and Music by: Matija Solce
Performed by: Pavol Smolárik, Anna Bubníková, Jiří N. Jelínek, Ivo Sedláček, Matija Solce, Jan Meduna
14.09.2018 at 21:00
Stage: Šentjakobski oder LGL