Vu, LUTKE 2018

Vu is a funny and intelligent solo performance, laying at the intersection between object theatre, circus and pantomime. Due to his obsessive meticulousness, a simple daily routine of making a cup of tea brings the main protagonist to the edge of madness and uncontrollable proportions. This extraordinarily funny, suggestive and exciting circus miniature closely examines our everyday rituals, presented to us through the performer’s virtuosic juggling skills and ingenuity in an entirely new perspective.
Etienne Manceau attended the famous Lido Circus School in Touluse. In 2003 he and his five colleagues – acrobats and jugglers –, established together the Cie Sacékripa. Intertwined in their theatrical poetics are circus, juggling, dance and object theatre with poetry and humour.
Cie Sacekripa, France
Artistic Consultancy: Sylvain Cousin
Concept: Etienne Manceau
Visual Design: Guillaume Roudot
Performed by: Etienne Manceau
16.09.2018 at 17:00
Stage: Stage Under the Stars
16.09.2018 at 19:00
Stage: Stage Under the Stars