Brigitte's last dance, LUTKE 2018

Brigitte's last dance
The Last Dance of Brigitte poetically explores different styles of movement, thus depicting Brigitte’s unusual story. With age, her memories have painted in black and white, and she even does not remember that the colours ever existed in her youth. She lives in a chair she created from her memories and moments in life that have lost their soul. But today is a different day …
Zero en Conducta is a project, founded by José Antonio Puchades in 2011, aiming to explore the expressive potential of various performing arts, associated with movement. It focuses its attention on combining body, mime, dance, puppets and physical theatre.
Zero en Conducta Co, Spain
Direction: José Antonio Puchades (Putxa) and Julieta Gascón
Visual, Light and Sound Design: David Maqueda Pavo
Design and Construction: Angel Navarro and Kim Dutour (sets) Miguel Hache (puppets’ heads)
Costume Design: Agnés Costa and Claudia Fascio
Audiovisual production: Marina Gallego and Manel Fernandez
Graphic design: Laura Valero
Scratch and Effects: NIl Fruitós and Mans O.
Voice-Over: Miquel Gallardo and Dora Cantero
Stage Managers: Pepe Otal and Lope de Alberdi
16.09.2018 at 18:00
Stage: Šentjakobski oder LGL