A Tale of Vanya and enigmatic Russian soul, LUTKE 2018

A Tale of Vanya and enigmatic Russian soul
It is quite possible that somewhere quite near us lives a dragon. If not, we can make it up ourselves. Even if we already are a part of a fairy tale. For if there is no dragon, there is no real hero. And a hero needs an invincible enemy. And why do we need heroes at all? Do we really need them? Of course we do, who on earth could save us then? Following Vanya on his heroic journey and his self-sacrificing struggle with the dragon, we will be also able to taste at least a tiny bit of the vastness of the enigmatic Russian soul.
The internationally recognised and award-winning Karlsson Haus Theatre, joining under its roof the creative forces of Alexei Leliavsky, Evgeny Ibragimov, Boris Konstantinov and Pyotr Vasilyev -, was established in St. Petersburg, in 2006. Known for its miniature, poetic and intimate shows, it soon became one of the internationally most acclaimed and award-winning Russian puppet theatres.
Karlsson Haus Theatre – Sankt Petersburg, Russia
Director: Alexey Leliavski
Music and Sound: Leonid Pavlenok
Performed by: Mikhail Shelomentsev
14.09.2018 at 18:00
Stage: Šentjakobski oder LGL