The Waltz of Hommelettes, LUTKE 2018

The Waltz of Hommelettes
Deriving from the grotesqueness, comicality and cruelty of the three less known Grimm’s fairy tales, The Waltz of Hommelettes evokes a rather unusual frame of mind. A cuckoo clock is stolen from the forest by a band of elves. It discloses daily routines of a bunch of heroes: a rabbit is chasing cuckoo birds, a mother bird is spinning her wool into the nest, a servant-girl is sweeping dirt from the house … The clock strikes thirteen and the elves begin to dance their bizarre dance …
Les Antliaclastes is a puppet theatre, founded by Patrick Sims. He got acquainted with puppets, while studying film animation at the Middlebury University in the USA. For couple of years he performed with the renowned Bread and Puppet Theatre and studied traditional shadow play on Java.  His performances underline an unusual symbiosis of a variety of puppet techniques and styles, masks and automatons. He most frequently stages non-verbal shows, full of bizarre surprises and rough contrasting images.
Les antliaclastes, France
Mask, Costume, Puppet Designer: Josephine Biereye
Director and Visual Designer: Patrick Sims
Puppet Maker: Richard Penny
Performed by: Joséphine Biereye, Patrick Sims, Richard Penny
Sound Designer: Karine Dumont
Lighting Designer: Sophie Barraud
Voice Over: Monique Brun/Olivier Francfort
15.09.2018 at 10:30
Stage: Grand Stage LGL
15.09.2018 at 18:00
Stage: Grand Stage LGL