Victoria 2.0, LUTKE 2018

Victoria 2.0
Winners are self-confident. Winners are passionate. Winners know that the greatest risk is not taking one at all. Winners are well built and have beautiful, firm and round butts. Winners have partners. With beautiful, firm and round butts. Winners are loved. Winners love life. And life loves them back.
Victoria 2.0 is characterised by a surprising, amusing atmosphere, depicted in an intensive pace, walking a fine line between drama and performance, puppets and object theatre, reality and illusion.

Moment was founded in 2006. Characteristic for this company’s creation is exploring, testing, learning and constant searching for new expressive possibilities and capabilities. Therefore, they combine a variety of fields: from puppet, dance and physical to poetic and performative theatre. This year Victoria 2.0 won the main award for the young and promising puppet theatre Grünschnabel at the Figura Theaterfestival in Baden.
Moment, Slovenia
Dramaturge: Marek Turošík
Director: Zoran Petrovič
Set and Visual Designers: Monika Pocrnjić and Toni Soprano
Performed by: Ana Zala Štiglic
15.09.2018 at 17:00
Stage: Kulturnica LGL
15.09.2018 at 21:30
Stage: Kulturnica LGL