About a White Kitten that was Completely BlackPuppet Performance, length 35 min

About a White Kitten that was Completely Black
The performance About a White Kitten that was Completely Black is a story about a cat family that teaches the youngest audience in a playful and humorous manner about tolerance, understanding difference and mutual respect. A tiny black kitten who appears among the new brood of small white lumps in the Whitecat family where all have always been white, provides for a real surprise: »It's just like a piece of coal on a snow carpet!« The staging intertwines this contrast of colours with the content and visual design of the puppets made of felted wool. The colourful wooden set construction becomes a scene of a friendly play of the kittens, filled with a myriad of awkward situations of the black kitten, whose hiding beneath the snow-white blankets is hardly successful and whose colour, so different from his brothers' and sisters', brings it a whole lot of trouble, but also a devoted family love that takes care for a playful unravelling of events.
Commission's Argumentation

The performance, put into a diverse stage space (both in terms of its puppet as well as its set design) and a playful and loving environment of the cute cat family, provides a sensible intertwinement of a dynamic and playful action as well as a warm and affectionate atmosphere. The functionally and aesthetically accomplished visual image, the choice of materials, colours and possibilities for animation and manipulation of scenic elements, the gentle sound image and efficient guidance of narrative with numerous fragments of humorous and poetical surprises co-create a performance, in which the black kitten’s uneasiness is inextricably intertwined with everyday events and resolves into a witty and meaningful realisation that easily convinces the viewers to reflect upon the inescapable diversity, its understanding and acceptance.

Premiere: 12th May 2018
FRU-FRU Puppet Theatre, House of Children and Art
Author: Claude Aveline
Directed, Conceived and Performed by: Katja Povše, Irena Rajh
Dramaturgy: Anže Virant
Visual Design: Veronika Vesel Potočnik
Music by: Gregor Zemljič, Nina Sardi
Sets Construction: Gorazd Rajh
Puppets Construction: Marina Hrovatin
Costume Design: Iztok Hrga