Ščeper and MbaPuppet Performance, length 35 min

Ščeper and Mba
The staging, based on the fairy tale by Svetlana Makarovič, published with the illustrations by Gorazd Vahen by Mladinska knjiga Publishing House in 1997, focuses on a small creature that loves his lonely life and above all his long sleep. His name perfectly corresponds to his nature – since he prefers to be left alone, his encounter with a greedy fox, a wounded pigeon, chatty mice and a blackbird that disturb his peace, puffs his feathers up again and again, which does not help him much. Therefore he is constantly forced to put his dreamy bag on his back and move somewhere else. Until he meets Mbo, who enjoys her solitude as well, and these two unusual creatures, without demanding or expecting anything from each other, not only get used to, but even fond of each other's quiet closeness. The show establishes Ščeper's quest for his own hidden nook through the author's recognisable aesthetics and a combination of various puppets: marionettes, table hand puppets, bunraku and stick puppets. In doing so, it also clearly raises the question of the balance between solitude and living with others, silence and music or all the hustle and bustle of the world.
Commission's Argumentation

Ščeper and Mba is a classical puppet staging with a thoughtful visual design, skilful animation of different kinds of puppets and smooth dramaturgy of the main hero's journey. Its fairy tale world, filled with interesting personages and clearly defined characters and relationships creates a stimulating space for the mental and emotional response of young viewers that supports their understanding of vividly designed fantastic characters, clearly reflecting the real features of the human beings. This imaginative story presents its unique heroes without judging them in any way, but rather emphasising the necessity of solitude and tranquillity, sensitivity to others and last but not least their/our right to be as they/we are.

Premiere: 24th March 2018
Maribor Puppet Theatre
Author: Svetlana Makarovič
Directed and Visually Designed by: Eka Vogelnik
Performed by: Danilo Trstenjak/Gorazd Žilavec a. g., Metka Jurc, Maksimiljan Dajčman and Dunja Zupanec
Dramaturgy: Tanja Lužar
Music and Sound Effects Design: Brina Vogelnik
Language Coaching: Metka Damjan
Sound Design: Andi Gal
Lighting Design: Gašper Bohinec
Puppet Technology: Mitja Ritmanič