The Wizard of ColoursPuppet Performance, length 35 min

The Wizard of Colours
The Wizard of Colours is a story of a grey town and a time called the Great Greyness. The inhabitants of the small town are imbued with grey, their houses are grey, and their clothes and feelings are grey as well. There also lives a Wizard, who is eager to paint the world with some colours. He thus creates a blue colour and turns the world into the Great Blueness, then he paints it with yellow and later on dips it in red, but every colour takes power over the town’s atmosphere, displaying its undesired influence over the people. The short story is revealed in this staging through a series of variations of identical or similar situations that emphasise the changes based on individual colours. In its visual design it creates a contrast between the two-dimensional puppets of the town's inhabitants and the Wizard, whose mixing of potions and magic is presented by an actor; the shows final denouement offers a clear conclusion that the most beautiful world is the one, in which each colour finds its own place.
Commission's Argumentation

The Wizard of Colours sets a transparent situation with a scenic design extending into an image of a street with buildings, as well as with the animation of puppets - inhabitants with clearly defined main characteristics, thus creating a recognisable portrait of everyday life and a lively pulse of neighbourly encounters. It also effectively exposes the character of a Wizard, both through animation (shadow puppet) and acting; his visual and physical presence with his uncommonness, playfulness and benevolence of his magical experiments provides lots of laugh and suspension. Constant repeating and varying of the basic scene through the periods of different colours, marked by purified language and detailed alternations create a suggestive stage image that supports the experience and perception of the staged world with its colours, feelings, differences and coherence.

Premiere: 29th November 2018
Maribor Puppet Theatre, Puppet Organisation LOFT Zagreb
Author: Arnold Lobel
Directed by: Morana Dolenc
Performed by: Uroš Kaurin and Marko Ujc
Visual Design: Marijana Jelić
Dramatization and Dramaturgy: Tanja Lužar
Translated by: Zdravko Duša
Set Design: Bruno Kontrec
Costume Design: Mojca Bernjak
Music by: Boštjan Narat
Sound Design: Marko Jakopanec
Lighting Design: Urban Kolarič
Language Coaching: Metka Damjan