Peter Klepec or How to Become a True HeroDramatic Performance, length 55 min

Peter Klepec or How to Become a True Hero
The dramatization of the legend of Peter Klepec that draws from different sources and literary adaptations, the most important among which is the famous folk tale by France Bevk, focuses in its reflection about Peter Klepec on the fulfilment of both his sincere desire as well as the ethical use of power. Peter Klepec or How to Become a True Hero derives from the modern experience of the children's play, putting in a foreground Peter as a boy of today's time who identifies himself (with a little help of his older sister) with the folk hero Peter Klepec and his story, acquires miraculous power and overcomes his great fears. In the trials that follow, he learns how to use his power for a good purpose and how to solve the problems on the playground.
Commission's Argumentation

The performance thoughtfully intertwines the legend of Peter Klepec and the childhood of the modern everyday life into a varied and playful staging, which is transformed in its central part into a magical mixture of the real and fantasy worlds. The original narrative skilfully depicts the classical approach to overcoming problems in the safe environment of the imaginative game – the pastoral redoubling of reality –, emphasizing in particular the disarming power of sincerity and self-confidence. In doing so, it sovereignly creates the children's world of the main protagonist, drawing the harassment of his peers with a dynamic and playful movement, as well as transforming the concept of children's imagination into a charming fusion of simplicity and theatrically rich use of scenic elements. The whole is particularly marked by its visual image, which, using both traditional and recycled materials, unobtrusively creates a bond between the culture of human wisdom and present-day.

Premiere: 18th November 2017
SNT Drama Ljubljana
Author: Eva Kraševec and Maja Sever, based on the motifs of the legend about Peter Klepec
Directed by: Maja Sever
Performed by: Nik Škrlec, Eva Jesenovec, Maja Končar, Zvone Hribar, Mia Skrbinac, Gašper Jarni, Gašper Kunšek/Bor Prokofjev
Dramaturgy: Eva Kraševec
Language Coaching: Tatjana Stanič
Set, Costume and Puppet Design: Barbara Stupica
Music by: Milko Lazar
Stage Movement: Žigan Kranjčan in Gašper Kunšek
Lighting Design: Mojca Sarjaš and Metod Novak
Assistant Director: Luka Marcen