How Porcupines RipenPuppet and Dramatic Performance, length 40 min

How Porcupines Ripen
The Performance How Porcupines Ripen is based on the eponymous literary source material by writer Peter Svetina and illustrator Damijan Stepančič (Založba Miš Publishing House, 2015), awarded by the Večernica Award for the best Slovenian original literary work for children and young people. United in its playful puppet and theatre interlacement, are several short stories, imbued with surreal humour that follow through their wacky adventures the porcupines Helge and Nicosia, exploring the world, asking each other odd questions and setting out for all kinds of adventures, accompanied by a colourful gang of adorable animals: they are looking for a memory that would hold them firmly by their paws, chasing ice creams, sending each other telegrams for their birthdays and having great fun during their funny adventures with a swift mongoose that is always late, a gorilla on a motorcycle, an elephant that can draw practically everything, two slothful sloths and others. It is indeed a versatile world, which sometimes seems to be quite illogical and meaningful only to itself … and in the meanwhile, the weasel Svit persistently sweeps and collects letters.
Commission's Argumentation

A series of short stories that unravel through an insightful play on words and unexpected turns that twist the everyday events of unusual animals in an uncommon perspective, are staged with a full-blooded theatrical and creative imagination. There is no sign of classical structure here or the development of action and meaningfully rounded significance. Amusing situations, meetings, witty remarks and paradoxes are co-designing the image of the world as a playground, equally shared by animals, people, nature and objects. The playful action in the sandpit and around it is filled with humorous brainwaves and surprises, enthusing with its interweaving of animation and movement, imaginative puppet as well as harmonious visual and sound design. It also perfectly intertwines the impression of spontaneous playfulness with the precision of the performance in the pursuit of sense and nonsense.

Premiere: 22nd September 2018
Maribor Puppet Theatre
Author: Peter Svetina
Director: Bojan Labovič
Performed by: Uroš Kaurin, Dunja Zupanec, Danilo Trstenjak
Visual Design: Damijan Stepančič
Dramaturgy: Zala Dobovšek
Music by: Vasko Atanasovski
Language Coaching: Metka Damjan
Sound Design: Mitja Pastirk
Lighting Design: Urban Kolarič
Puppet Technology: Primož Mihevc
Costume Design: Mojca Bernjak