iCankarDetective Play, length 45 min

In the time when the term star has been misused to the extremes, the performance demonstrates to the young viewers its real meaning – Ivan Cankar was a star one hundred years ago! It is evident from the writer’s letters that he could be gentle, sensitive and witty, and also bitter, sarcastic and rigid at the same time. But above all he was a man of action. And, as it befits a true star, he was adored by women. The exciting narrative is conceived as a detective story and made of both truthful events from his life as well as the events, created by his imagination. This original production presents the writer and his work in a slightly different manner, unveiling his controversial personality and ideas, with which he could overwhelm everybody even here and now. Although this brings Cankar a little closer, it still does not take away his mysteriousness and significance.
Commission's Argumentation 

Through its fluid and dynamic action the performance iCankar skilfully intertwines present with past and reality with imagination. The theatre framework, established around a detective investigation that raises a main question: »who is Ivan Cankar« attractively unveils a different way of getting to know and understanding the canonized literary figure. It is a contemporary theatre performance, in which the actors are instantly stepping out from their roles of detectives into the writer's dramatic figure and the characters from his time, as well as the literary figures from some of his works, while humorously presenting the fragments of the author's life and personality and effectively drawing his live and refreshed image nearer to the young viewers' perspective.

Premiere: 10th January 2018
Margareta Schwarzwald Institute, Cankarjev domCultural and Congress Centre and City Theatre Ptuj
Author: Maruša Kink and Creative Team
Directed by: Maruša Kink
Performed by: Jure Kopušar/Vid Klemenc, Nataša Keser, Domen Valič
Costume and Set Design: Tina Bonča
Music by: Kristijan Krajnčan
Lighting Design: Jaka Varmuž
Language Coaching: Simon Šerbinek