CTRL.SHIFT.ESC.Dance Performance, length 40 min

For some time now, the Internet has not only been an information medium, but a parallel world, in which information lives its own life, regulated by its own rules – according to the Internet law. Here, the information about people and events are the selected and edited (CTRL) moments from the real worlds that sometimes prevent us to separate the truth from its virtual version. What happens - when the virtual identity is filled with all »the best of« - with all those parts of us that are not beautiful and happy enough to be shared with the public? When the rainbow image moves from the Internet to the real environment, parks, school corridors and classrooms (SHIFT.), our actions are deprived of the function »cancel«. If the content beneath the shiny surface is known to us at all, do we know how to walk, talk and preserve relationships with it? The dance performance draws attention to the problem of information technology and the related habits of the modern world, which we can neither deny nor ban (DEL.). There is no escape from virtual reality, but only escape from its traps (ESC.).
Commission's Argumentation

CTRL.SHIFT.ESC. sovereignly uncovers through the prism of teenage experience a field of identity, communication and relationships in the virtual and real world. Using dance, speech and inventive simultaneous design of both scenic space and context, it establishes recognisable stage situations from the everyday life of young people, thus enhancing their active understanding and experiencing as well as engaging them with its complexity. The structure of the performance provides for a distinctive narrative shift from the virtual to real without simplifying or evaluation; it exposes the difficulties and traps of both, while also sensibly guiding the action through descriptive intensities, sees to a lucid final self-reflexion of the stage action and leads to a positive and energetic resolution along with the viewers.

Premiere: 22nd February 2019
Dance Theatre Ljubljana
Author: Natalija Manojlović Varga
Conceived, Choreographed and Directed by: Natalija Manojlović Varga
Co-created and Performed by: Barbara Kanc, Katarina Barbara Kavčič Popič, Aja Zupanec
Music by: Mario Marolt
Visual Design: Andrej Štular
Costume Design: Slavica Janoševič
Lighting Design and Technical Solutions: Janko Oven
Music Tracks: Mario Marolt, Peter Mihelič, Space Orchestra, Quasar, Clair Audient