It's Nice to be a Native of KoperDramatic Performance, length 60 min

It's Nice to be a Native of Koper
It's Nice to be a Native of Koper presents to the young people in a humorous way the cultural heritage of the city of Koper and thus draws attention to the richness, diversity and importance of cultural heritage. Animated performance combines various themes of cultural heritage and everyday popular culture, establishing the theatre situation through a shooting of a television quiz, which is in many respects reminiscent of the real broadcasts. The viewers are also bearing witness to all the unpleasant events, occurring during the breaks and find themselves involved as guests in the studio in the support and encouragement of the competitors. Tested in their knowledge of the cultural heritage of Koper are the two young girls, guided through various questions by a spectacular host. Assistance to their answering is also available in short sketches and videos, whereas the demanding care for the smooth running of events is wittily assumed by the assistant director.
Commission's Argumentation

The performance ingeniously exploits the phenomenon of television quiz for the theatrical treatment of cultural heritage, realising its idea with the balanced measure of knowledge, comedy and youthful playfulness. Its viewers are skilfully engaged as guests in a television studio, while the format of a quiz is upgraded with a wider theatrical story, featuring characteristically diverse dramatic personalities and their personal fragments, as well as the character of the assistant director that contributes to the action with his humorous inputs and meaningful commentaries, coming from behind the scenes. The energetically structured action, diversity of theatrical elements and visual design make the performance dynamic and colourful as well as rich in the information it offers, and at the same time still worldly and not only educative. Although only locally coloured, it is also inspiring in promoting the desire and value of recognising the identity of its own region.

Premiere: 22nd September 2018
Koper Theatre
Author: Renata Vidič
Directed by: Renata Vidič
Performed by: Rok Matek, Tjaša Hrovat, Anja Drnovšek, Luka Cimprič
Set Design: Milan Percan
Costume Design: Anja Ukovič
Music by: Mirko Vuksanović
Video by: Noemi Zonta
Lighting Design: Jaka Varmuž
Language Coaching: Martin Vrtačnik
Sound Effects: Martin Belac