The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-timeDetective Story that Leaves no Room for Lies, length 65 min

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time
The bestseller by Mark Haddon is an open title novel, awarded several times for both teenage and adult fiction, and published in Slovenia by the Mladinska knjiga Publishing House in 2004. According to its director, the performance, based on the dramatization by English playwright Simon Stephens, depicts »a sensible world of a boy, confused by the flood of information and unclearness of human metaphorical communication«. The main hero is a fifteen-year old Christopher. One evening he discovers a murdered dog in his neighbour's yard and decides to find out who the murder is. They say that he has Asperger's syndrome, but he says that he likes dogs and that he loves mathematics and logics most of all, and that he also knows all the countries of the world and their capitals. He hates to be touched, does not understand jokes and metaphors, and despises lies. He lives with his father who told him that his mother died. During his investigation, some completely unknown worlds open up in front of him as he unexpectedly finds out about some domestic lies that fundamentally shake his already shaky world and thus make him take his first major independent decision – to run away from home.
Commission's Argumentation

The performance decisively outlines the world of a somewhat special fifteen-year-old, his perception of his surroundings and a wider picture of complicated, sometimes difficult, but real relationships, emotions, wishes and decisions. It is marked by a comprehensively considered staging concept, lucid use of space, disciplined coordination of the entire team of actors and especially convincing and precise depiction of the main protagonist. Intertwining the personal perspective with real happening, the performance lures the viewers into the disclosure of the mystery, which does not offer the ultimate goal and certainty, but rather opens up a broader plan of life and many questions about lies and truth, communication, human weakness/power and ways of dealing with life.

Premiere: 6th October 2018
Drama SNT Maribor
Author: Mark Haddon, Simon Stephens
Directed by: Mateja Kokol
Performed by: Matevž Biber, Nejc Ropret, Mojca Simonič, Maša Žilavec, Matija Stipanič, Irena Varga, Bojan Maroševič
Translated by: Milan Dekleva
Dramaturgy: Maja Borin
Set Design: Petra Veber
Costume Design: Iris Kovačič
Lighting Design: Mateja Kokol, Petra Veber
Sound and Stage Movement: sz3
Language Coaching: Janez Bostič