Lapland Fairy TalesMusic, Object and Experiential Performance, length 0 min

Lapland Fairy Tales
In places where cities are spreading out today, glaciers once glided into the sea. Where trunks of cars are piling up today, hordes of elk once fled to the north to be soon followed by Laplanders. In addition to their hides and snares they carried along old narratives, which they communicated to each other with the help of »joik« - a unique way of communicating and describing things, events and persons in their entirety.
In this experiential performance, their narratives are similarly unveiled in front of the audience through minimalist acting, songs, lights and shadows. The creators are inspired by a variety of Lapland tales, documentaries by Werner Herzog as well as the musical and folk tradition of the disappearing culture. Through its original playfulness, musicality and atmospheric picturesqueness the performance conveys to its youngest viewers a message about the necessity of preserving ecosystems, while also sensitizing them to maintaining and handing over of narratives as well as to their authentic way of communicating. Thus the performance is based on communication, originality and theatrical illusion that are created out of nothing.

The story about a little seal who after getting lost finds himself among the people and befriends a hunter by the name of Ulo, presents a connecting link between the natural and supernatural motifs that illustrate within the soundstages of animated pops of light and shadows the changeability of the nocturnal northern world. Miniature creatures and their wisdoms are born in the paper landscape, while the word emerges only as a voice of a documentarian that observes the development of events.

The renowned puppet director Matija Solce will be looking for the expressiveness of material, sound and subject matter with the help of other experienced collaborators, relying on his theatrical experience as well as the musical and cultural ties, he has created over a decade of his collaboration, guest appearances and study in Scandinavia. His creative team will be composed of the collaborators, boasting years of experience as with this subject as well as its medium of creation.

Premiere: November 2019, Grand Stage LGL
Author: Robert Crottet
Director: Matija Solce
Visual Design: Brane Solce