The Blue BirdA Mythical Journey, length 0 min

The Blue Bird
This profound fairy tale that shines with its specific childhood poetry was first staged in the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre back in 1964 to mark the pinnacle of the then marionette stage. It was created by the three great artists of that time: stage director Jože Pengov, musician Uroš Kek and fine artist France Mihelič. The latter spiced up Maeterlinck's new romantic fabulousness with a touch of contemporary grotesque surrealism and received for the performance's visual design the highest Slovenian recognition given by the state for culture – the Prešeren Award. The performance, which showed the unprecedented power of puppetry, disappeared in flames together with another historical performance The Sleepy Little Star in 1972.
Thus The Blue Bird - a metaphor for the ever elusive absolute happiness - returns to our theatre after almost sixty years. Conceived after the puppet sketches that had preserved from its original staging, it is to be showcased this time on all venues of the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre. This poetic and allegorical drama offers an inspiring archetypal template for opening up a shared space, and wandering through conscious and unconscious, where actors and young audience meet on stages and corridors. We follow the fantasy journey of two children and their quest for the blue bird across the mythical lands where we encounter a myriad of real-dreamlike atmospheres. The path leads us through a fairy tale that captures both young and adult audiences alike by confronting them with the exciting topics and an extraordinarily multifaceted experience.

Unfortunately, the blue bird of happiness dwells beyond the confines of this fleeting world – but everyone whose hearts are unblemished will not seek in vein, for in their travels through the vast expanses of dreamland they will be enriched and purified by their lives, filled with emotion and imagination. (Explanation of the Swedish Academy upon awarding the Nobel Prize for Literature to Maeterlinck in 1911.)

Tomi Janežič, stage director and pedagogue, who also works as a psychodrama therapist, is employed as a full professor at the AGRFT (Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television). According to international critics, he is one of the most interesting European theatre directors of his generation. He is also internationally recognised as an expert in creative acting techniques. He has received more than thirty international awards and recognitions.

Premiere: December 2019, different venues LGL
LGL & Slovensko mladinsko gledališče
Author: Maurice Maeterlinck
Director: Tomi Janežič