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The VisitorA Marionette Performance, length 0 min

The Visitor
We can be afraid of spiders, darkness, height … Elsa is afraid of everything. She is even afraid of trees and people. That is why she stays home all the time. Fear has completely greyed her life. It is also accompanied by loneliness. One day a paper plane flies through her window. A neighbour's boy comes to take it. When Elsa opens the door for him, she also lets in the child's immediacy, curiosity and playfulness. The little curious boy helps her to step out from her safe haven and puts some colour in her life.
Loneliness does not occur only in the places where it is expected. Not only elderly people that live alone are lonely. Children can be isolated, even though they live in the family. Schools can be daunting lonely places for some. Even friendships do not always exist where we first seek them. 

The story of The Visitor, by German writer and illustrator Antje Damm, revolves around a friendship between an elderly lady Elsa and a little boy Emil. Their unexpected encounter with warmth and colours of friendship that transcends generational frames fills equally both lives. The performance, which also discusses loneliness, monotony and fear, shows that compassion can bring innumerable colours to life.

Ivana Djilas has been directing in many professional theatres and theatre groups; in recent years she has been also intensively involved in performing for young people and children. In previous seasons she has directed in the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre such performances as Goose the Bear, Scritch Scratch Scraww Plop!, and Jack and Jim.

Premiere: March 2020, Grand Stage LGL
Author: Antje Damm
Director: Ivana Djilas
Visual Concept: Antje Damm