The Smartest Giant in TownPuppet performance, length 0 min

The Smartest Giant in Town
After Gruffalo and Gruffalo’s Child showed us how to overcome fear in a forest full of predators, and after the adventures of the friendly witch from Room on the Broom, the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre will stage a new hit from the renowned Scottish writer Julia Donaldson: The Smartest Giant in Town. Directed by Jaka Ivanc and accompanied by Davor Herceg’s music, the story is a playful representation of how important altruism and helping each other are.
Wanting to have a makeover, the scruffiest giant in town treats himself to some new clothes. In his new socks, shoes, tie, shirt, and trousers, he is the smartest giant in town. As he makes his way home, he encounters lots of animals in distress: a sobbing giraffe, a goat who lost its paddles, homeless little mice, a fox without a sleeping bag.  All these poor souls need his help...and his new clothes. The giant grows colder and colder, until he’s back in his old clothes. Maybe he’s just the most comfortable giant in town. But good things happen to those who do the right thing and when he returns home, he’s in for a big surprise. What’s truly important is that George is the kindest giant in town.

The performance, based on a story about how important it is to be content with what we have and to be prepared to share with those less fortunate than us, is constantly changing and shifting to become a dynamic play of perspectives. A mix of distance and closeness, of big and small, and different dimensions, fuels the spectator’s imagination and opens their eyes. The performance features various puppetry techniques which include songs, visual images, and playful texts that will light up the entire stage.

Premiere: November 2020, Grand Stage of the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre
Author: Julia Donaldson, Axel Scheffler
Directed by: Jaka Ivanc
Music: Davor Herceg