Little Birds Without a NestA Dramatic Performance, length 0 min

Little Birds Without a Nest
Some nestless little birds have serious problems. Some of them even express them with violence. Despite the efforts, various institutions, institutes, homes and care centres are many times helpless and thus often leaving adolescents locked away. They remain in this vicious circle until they get a suitable support, through which they are finally blessed with a sense of acceptance, love and appropriate professional help.
Following its successful, reflexive and connective projects Brainstorm and The Right to be a Human, the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre joins its forces this time with the Residential Treatment Institution Planina and its adolescents. This institution is intended for children and adolescents from all over Slovenia who have emotional, behavioural and psychological disorders; its dwellers are vulnerable, hurt and often even abused children. They are the ones whom they had already given up on in other institutions. This institution, however, established a pedagogical-health model that enables intensive treatment and assistance at several levels.

The performance, conceived as a joint theatre laboratory of adolescents and mentors from the Residential Treatment Institution Planina and director Primož Ekart takes for its starting point the famous young adult story Little Birds without a Nest by Fran Milčinski. In its youth case law and interest in 'fallen adolescents' and delinquents it tackles the social misery, lack of education, habitual drinking, abandonment and neglect of adolescents. A little over 100 years later, we are dealing with the same topics in a similar context, but at a different time and from the perspective of today's adolescents. We are listening to the call of the birds of our time.

Primož Ekart, actor, theatre director and producer, graduated in dramatic acting from the AGRFT (Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television) in Ljubljana. He has acted in more than 80 theatre performances, several full-length films, TV series, radio plays as well as street theatre performances. Recently, he has been mainly focusing on theatre directing. His and his creative team's last and successful production in the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre was the theatre adventure Brainstorm.

Premiere: May 2020, St. Jacob's Stage LGL
LGL in collaboration with the Residential Treatment Institution Planina
Author: Fran Milčinski
Director: Primož Ekart