StardustA Multimedia Science Fiction Labyrinth, length 0 min

Tristan Thorn is half human and half elf, but he doesn't know it. In order to win the most beautiful girl in the Wall, he goes to the fairy country to find a shooting star. The road to the fallen star is a long and dangerous one. During his miraculous and exciting adventure, full of trials and spells, he encounters many unusual creatures: dead princes, flying pirates, a unicorn and, of course, the fallen star. It turns out that the star is alive and beautiful, that it has long blond hear and that she is extremely vicious. And as if this little unpleasant issue wasn't enough, Tristan is not the only one looking for the star. He fulfils the promise he made to his beloved girlfriend, but after his return to the Wall, his fate takes different path …
Neil Gaiman (1960) is one of the best writers of fantasy tales, the author of many novels, short stories and comics who has received many distinguished literary awards for his work. The adventurous romantic fairy tale Stardust was nominated for the Locus Award in 1999 and received the Alex Award in 2000. It has been rated by the American Library Association as one of the best adult books that also addresses children and young people.

Stardust is a fantastic journey through the world of dreams, where everything impossible becomes possible. It is a performance that combines movement, word, body and video. It addresses its audience with intense stage images, soundscapes and music. The stage is a mirror, through which you enter with your imagination into a world, which is an inverted picture of the world as you know it. You never know what is waiting for you in the next moment. Things are happening on their own and becoming more unusual and unexpected. Until everything stops! Because the theatre, which is a dream-making machine, got stuck. And it really needs the viewer's help. Will the viewer manage to find its fallen star?

Mala Kline is a performer, choreographer and writer. Her artistic and theoretical work is based on dreaming practices. In her authorial choreographic work as well as in writing she uses the Saphire® methods, and works with imagination and dreaming.

Premiere: June 2020, Stage under the Stars LGL
Author: Neil Gaiman
Directed and Choreographed by: Mala Kline
Visual Design: Petra Veber