In a Memory LoopAn Installation of a Kinetic Object, length 0 min

In a Memory Loop
In a Memory Loop is a symphonic installation of kinetic objects by visual artist Meta Grgurevič who was inspired by the book The Man with the Shuttered World: the History of the Brain Wound by Russian neuropsychologist Alexander Luria. The book compiles the diary notes of the wounded soldier who became trapped in his abstract images due to a severe brain damage and lost the basic meaning of life.
The conceptual design is a loop closed in itself; the agony of an eternal patient, trapped in a hopeless situation of only a partially functional body. Through intuitive writing the author tries to compile the fragments of scattered words and thoughts into a meaningful whole – into a potential personality, promised by the future before the injury. 

The action in the space consists of a slowly moving kinetic platform that illustrates the main character's room. The movement of the platform is a parable for physical and psychological instability of the main character who is constantly haunted by the doubts about the actual state of his being. Through fragmented images he keeps returning to his childhood and memories before the injury. The memories are appearing randomly, as moments, constantly eluding and fading from him into the emptiness. Due to the loss of the integral experience of time, he lives in a world of isolated impressions. Time, as the only relevant criterion, becomes something completely abstract…

Visual artist Meta Grgurevič (1979) finished her postgraduate studies in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice in 2007. She is the author of several solo projects, with which she has participated in numerous group exhibitions is Slovenia, Italy, London, Greece, the USA, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia and Austria. She won several important awards. In 2013 (Bienaleonline), she was ranked among 180 most promising artists of the world.

Premiere: June 2020
Authors: Meta Grgurevič and Maja Kunšič