Forget Me NotA Puppet - Dramatic Performance, length 45 min

Forget Me Not, foto: Dubravka Petrić
In theater for young audience ederly people often appear as treasures of rich memories and life experiences. We talk to them when we need their wisdom and the experience they have gained throughout their lives. We want to hear their stories from the past. But real life often turns this romantic image of old age from children’s fairy tales upside down.
Dementia is a chronic brain disease that is reflected in progressive disorders affecting memory, thought, speech, expression, and judgment. It is becoming more and more common in our modern world, and almost everyone knows someone – a neighbor, relative, or loved one – who has been affected by it. It also impacts children who watch changes occurring in the lives of their beloved grandfathers and grandmothers.

In Forget Me Not we follow the relationship of the Grandpa with his granddaughter, Lučka (a name meaning light in Slovenian). The Grandpa is becoming increasingly forgetful; he sees things that are not there and behaves strangely. He cannot explain to anyone what is happening to him. While the Grandpa’s behavior increasingly worries Lučka’s mom, to Lučka it seems interesting and she becomes immersed in his world of strange ideas and mental flashes. As his aging and illness progress, the Grandpa returns to his childhood. At the same time, Lučka is growing up beside him. At some point, their paths cross and connect in a shared experience within the play.

In a poetic and visually exciting way, using masks, puppets, shadows, and stage props, the performance presents the psychological world of seniors with dementia. Young and adult audiences alike are confronted with their different experience of the world and as a result they may better understand and accept changes in their relations with people suffering from dementia.
Author: Peter Kus, Urša Adamič
Director and Author of Music: Peter Kus
Cast: Ivica Lučuć, Kristina Fančović, Aleksandra Colnarić
Dramaturgy: Urša Adamič
Art Design: Natan Esku
Costumes: Zdenka Lacina
Choreography: Miha Arh
Lighting Design: Igor Elek
This project was supported by: The Ministry of Culture Republic of Croatia, Ministry of Culture Republic of Slovenia, and the Municipality of Ljubljana