BrainstormTheatre adventure, length 75 min

Brainstorm, foto Matej Povše
Director Primož Ekart based the theatre adventure Brainstorm on the eponymous dramatic text by Ned Glaiser and Emily Lim. The original text was conceived by the London Production Company Three in collaboration with thirteen teenage actors. Its idea stemmed from the latest scientific discoveries in neuroscience or rather findings how the brain function in adolescent years differs from that in adult years. There are apparently 86 billion of neurons triggering a wide range of daily changes during this fragile period of development, enabling at the same time an explosion of youthful creativity, boldness, excitement and courage.

At the beginning of this theatre season the creative team chose through the auditions, which have registered more than 100 young people, a group of seventeen adolescents, aged between 14 and 19. The text of the Slovenian staging, which was conceived during the six-month creative process,  resulted in an intertwinement of the original source material with personal experiences and stories of the participating teenagers.  In addition to the insight into brain function, the performance unveils the emotional world of young people, particularly in relation to their parents, as well as the world of their desires, expectations, fears and hopes for the future.  

Inviting the teenagers to participate in its performance, the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre has turned to young people at its creative level as well, since it has been already generating a significant part of its programme to this particular group of audience. With director Primož Ekart, dramaturge Ana Duša and choreographer Sebastjan Starič at their side, the young actors trained their bodies and voices, learned various theatre techniques and improvisations, thus gradually acquainting themselves through various phases of creation with all the particularities of the comprehensive theatre process as well.

“Creativity and courage are the two things that are quite essential in the theatre as well. My wish was to create with the teenagers, gathered in the theatre group, a performance about themselves, about their lives, experiences, fears and desires, hopes, anger and revolt, misunderstanding adults, joy and happiness - in short, about the storm that rages in their brains and hearts. I wished not only that they could find their way for creativity through this theatrical experience, but also that it could be their channel through which they could express all the things from their everyday lives that they are either unable or do not know how to convey.   I wanted them to be able to talk about the changes that are happening to them, or to their peers and parents alike, as well as to teachers and adults, who might find their world interesting.   I wanted to offer a language, a theatrical language that would be understandable both to the teenagers, who desperately need it to express the storm, raging in their heads, and to those of us who wish to stand by their side.”  Primož Ekart, Director. 

Primož Ekart, actor, theatre director and producer, graduated as a theatre actor from the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana. He appeared in more than 80 theatre performances, as well as in an enviable number of feature films, television series, radio plays and street theatre shows. In the recent years he has been mostly dedicating himself to theatre direction. In 2017 his performance Powerlessness, staged in a coproduction between the Imgainarni Institute and Mini Theatre Ljubljana, received a prestigious Borštnik Award at the 52. Borštnik Festival.   

Premiere: 24th April 2018, Stage under the Stars LGL
Authors: Ned Glasier, Emily Lim and Company Three
Director: Primož Ekart
Dramaturgy: Ana Duša
Translation and adaptation: Primož Ekart, Ana Duša, group Brainstorm
Cast: Jaka Babič, Neža Dvorščak, Matic Eržen, Nace Korošec, Julita Kropec, Tilen Lajevec, Ana Logar, Aja Markovič, Ronja Matijevec Jerman, Maks Mihajlović, Jon Napotnik, Sergej Osterc, Ana Pribošič, Alica Ela Rogelj / Manca Bertoncelj, Aleksandra Staroveški, Svit Stefanija
Set design: Damir Leventić
Choreography: Sebastjan Starič
Costumography: Maja Mirković
Music: Koala Voice
Lighting design: Igor Remeta
Assistant directors: Ana Kozina, Helena Šukljan