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  • May 2018, Young Week, Wiesbaden/Germany 
Duck, Death and the Tulip

  • March 2018, Giboulée, Strassbourg, France 

Goose the Bear 

  • March 2018, Izmir Puppets Days, Turkey

Somewhere Else 

  • January 2018, Budimpešta (Kolibri Showcase), Hungry
  • March 2018, Izmir Puppet Days, Turkey

  • February 2018, Small size, Gallway, Ireland

Open the Owl

  • March 2018, Giboulée, Strassbourg, France
Little Salamander Goes Across The Road

  • February 2018, Tinqueux, Francija (Culture en fête)
A Little Lamp, Pea and Feather

  • April 2018, Shenzhen, China

Karlchen Stories

  • May 2018, festival Zlata iskra, Kragujec, Serbia
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