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Available for Touring

A Path with No End

One of the promotional slogans of our theatre for the 2016/2017 season is “On paths with no end”. With this slogan, we wanted to hint at the endless dimensions of imagination, which lies at the core of innovativeness and creativity. For several years, the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre has been advertised in Slovenian as the “Kingdom of Imagination”. We have endeavoured to open multisided processes of imagination and learning in which the artists can express the full range of their potential and go beyond it to create works in which the spectators can immerse themselves and find their own impulses and inspiration. We nurture and develop a broad range of expressions, from Theatre for Early Years to contemporary forms of object theatre, as we are positive that the most convincing theatre is not concerned with any formal or generic determinations.

In 2018, the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre will celebrate its 70th anniversary. After all this time, it has come to occupy a special place in Europe – a bridge between the European East and West, between different production protocols and cultural heritages. Being aware of its uniqueness, we strive to take the greatest advantage of our special position. When the theatre is presented internationally, you compare it with the others, and it is at this point that the particularity of our position becomes important. As a trademark, the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre does not represent a singular authorial poetics. With our consistent programming politics, we try to attract various firstrate artists from Slovenia and the broader region,while our seventy-year tradition ensures the quality of the staging. Our regular and systemic financing allows for risks and explorations and at the same time maintains a relatively large body of employees, who also cultivate the traditional skills of making and animating puppets and preserve and present the heritage of Slovenian puppetry. All the above indicates our potential for international cooperation, our theatre is considered as a reliable partner in European projects. This site brings an up-to-date selection of our touring performances, which will undoubtedly be enriched with a few new breakthrough productions of the 2016/17 season. This is why we suggest that you follow us on our path – you will not regret it.

Uroš Korenčan
, General Manager

Touring Contact: Pija Bodlaj, Producer, +386 1 3000 993,

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Open the Owl
14+, 50', slovenian with french subtitles, minimum size of stage: 8m W x 10,5m D x 3,5m H, staff on tour: 6, audience: 50
The Power
18+, 60, non-verbal, A Puppet Miniature
Somewhere Else
7+, 45', in Slovenian with English surtitles, minimum size of stage: 5m W x 5m D x 3,5m H  , staff on tour 6, audience: 80
Duck, Death and the Tulip
5+, 40', visual performance, in Slovenian and English, minimum size of stage: 10x9x4 m, staff on tour: 5, audience: 120, audience on stage
Virginia Wolf
5+, 50', shadow performance, in Slovenian with English surtitles, minimum size of stage: 10x9x4 m, staff on tour: 5, audience: 200
3+, 40', aquatic adventure, non-verbal, minimum size of stage: 15x5x4 m, staff on tour: 5, audience: 100
Goose the Bear

2+, 35', in Slovenian, easy to understand, minimum size of stage: 6x6x4 m, staff on tour: 6, audience: 100

Little Lamp, Pea and the Feather
1+, 35', non-verbal, minimum size of stage: 11x12x5 m, staff on tour: 6, audience: 120, audience on stage
2+, 35', non-verbal, minimum size of stage: 4 x4x3,5 m, staff on tour: 2, audience: 80-100
5+, 30', pre-recorded narration, minimum size of stage: 4x4x3,5 m, staff on tour: 4, audience: 60
Scritch scratch scraww plop!
3+, 40', non-verbal, minimum size of stage: 5x6x4,5 m, staff on tour: 7, audience: 100, special features: water (pool) and splashing of water, on-stage view (raked seating)
The Rite of Spring
12+, 45', A Puppet Ballet, minimum size of stage: 14x12x5,5 m, staff on tour: 17, audience: 200
12+, 75', in English, minimum size of stage: 10x8x5 m, staff on tour: 12, audience: 200, special requirements: darkness is necessary.
3+, 50', non-verbal, minimum size of stage: 10x9x4 m, staff on tour: 5, audience: 120, audience on stage

Jack and Jim
4+, 45', in Slovenian, minimum size of stage: 10x9x4 m, staff on tour: 5, audience: 120, audience on stage