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Bear and PiggyPuppetry performance, length 45 min

Photo: Jaka Varmuž
From Cicido children’s magazine to the theatre stage—Bear and Piggy are here to entertain the youngest audiences in a puppet performance. Bear and Piggy are best friends who live together in a tiny house on the top of a skyscraper next to their favourite playground.

Bear is patient, prudent and neat. Piggy, who is younger, is bubbly, playful and a tad rash. The adorable duo have their own way of dealing with (extra)ordinary day-to-day adventures and lessons to be learned. Their peculiarity is a source of endearing hiccups, which they manage to overcome thanks to the power of their sincere friendship. 

The adventures of Bear and Piggy are a regular feature of the Cicido children’s magazine. The selected stories are also included in the Bear and Piggy picture books published by the Mladinska knjiga publishing house.

Opening: 18 April 2024, Grand Stage LGL

Sebastijan Pregelj is a multiple award-winning author of eight novels, four collections of short stories and twelve books for young readers. He was awarded the Večernica Award for the 6th part of the children’s series Stories from the End of the Stone Age. Three other parts of the same series were nominated for the Desetnica Award, and all seven parts received the Golden pear (Zlata hruška) quality label. His novels have been translated into German, English, Italian, Swedish, Croatian and Macedonian, while his short stories have featured as part of various anthologies in Slovenian, German, Czech, English and Polish.

Igor Šinkovec is multiple award-winning illustrator, animator and intermedia artist. His main field of creation is literary illustration, mainly for children and teenagers. His humorous illustrations adorn numerous books and text books, and are featured in Ciciban and Cicido Galeb magazines.He exhibits his works at joint and solo exhibitions and illustration biennales. 

Polona Janežič is a musician, keyboardist, composer, music arranger, and member of the Katalena musical ensemble and former Melodrom musical group. She regularly collaborates with many music and theatre artists. She is the author of the novel Sinbad’s Muses (Sinbadove muze), and a composer and performer, and is regularly involved in storytelling and film events.

Mare Bulcis a multiple award-winning theatre director, often creating performances for children and young people. He directed the Secret Society PGC and the Secret Society KRVZ at the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre. In September 2022, he became the artistic director of the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre. 

Author and illustrator of the picture book: Sebastijan Pregelj and Igor Šinkovec
Director: Mare Bulc
Author of the performance’s concept: Mare Bulc
Adaptation: Sebastijan Pregelj and Mare Bulc
Music: Polona Janežič
Visual design: Igor Šinkovec
Puppet engineer: Iztok Bobić
Set design: Damir Leventić
Animation consultant: Brane Vižintin
Costume designer: Jadranka Pavlović
Lighting designer: Niko Štabuc
Language consultant: Irena Androjna Mencinger
Solo clarinettist in the composition “Kotalke in skiro”: Boštjan Gombač
Cast: Matevž Müller, Brane Vižintin
Stage managers and sound designers: Izidor Kozelj and Damir Radončić
Set technicians: Klemen Sašek and Jure Popovič
Lighting technician: Niko Štabuc
Producer: Alja Cerar Mihajlović
LGL workshops manager: Zoran Srdić
Puppet, set and costume production: Iztok Bobić, David Klemenčič, Damir Leventić, Igor Šinkovec, Olga Milić, Katarina Planinc, Laura Krajnc, Sandra Birjukov, Marjeta Valjavec, Žiga Lebar, Uroš Mehle, Rok Drusany, Artiko, David Tavčar, Strugarstvo Jernej Mali