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In Karlovac, four awards for My grandfather was a cherry tree

29. 5. 2023

The performance My grandfather was a cherry tree was awarded four times at the InPuT festival in Karlovac, which took place between May 23 and 27. The jury awarded the performance for the best direction, lighting design, adaptation of the text and for the visual design.

The three-member jury consisted of set designer and costume designer, associate professor at the Osijek Academy of Art and Culture Zdenka Lacina Pitlik, director of Italian Drama at CNT Ivan pl. Zajc in Rijeka, actor and puppeteer Giulio Settimo and playwright Ana Prolić.

Fabrizio Montecchi won the award for best director. The jury explained its selection: "An extremely well-thought-out director's concept is manifested in precise directing procedures that combine all the elements of meaning into a coherent and flowing whole."

Montecchi and lighting designer Maša Avsec received the award for lighting design: As wrote the jury, “thoughtful and creative, playful and effective design of light in the performance supports the play and animation, unobtrusively and skilfully gives it rhythm and participates in the delivery of the story and its dramaturgical elements, emphasizes individual parts and brings them together into a whole.”

The award for the best adaptation went to Fabrizio Montecchi and Enrica Carini for their adaptation of Angela Nanetti's work. According to the jury, the dramatization of the original skilfully intertwines the levels of the narrator and the acting role and conveys the noble message of the work with a clear, solid and well-thought-out structure.

My grandfather was a cherry tree also received an award for the visual design. "All artistic elements of the play are connected in a harmonious whole, which supports the play and the telling of the story and vice versa. The entire artistic nature of the play attracts and keeps us in the world of the play and clearly communicates the dramaturgical concept," the jury explained its selection.

Photo by Jaka Varmuž