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In the 2023/2024 season, Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana will stage eleven puppet and drama productions for children, young people and adults. Three of them will be created by young, emerging artists as part of the BiTeater programme. Artistic director Mare Bulc says: "We are not connecting the new season with a single thread, but knitting it with many unique threads and joyful strands, with playful squeaks and sensitive squeaks, with loving strings and determined strings that intertwine in a rainbow of colours, shades and shapes to create a rainbow of imagination."

Full Moon
Nebojša Pop-Tasić

Full Moon

Dream Musical, 4+
Director: Sebastjan Starič
Dramaturge: Nebojša Pop-Tasić
Set designer: Damir Leventič
Costume designer: Irina Milijić
Part of Creative Europe project Sense of Sharing
Opening: 7 September 2023, Šentjakob Stage

A dance-musical performance in rhyme about the world we dream of when we sleep, based on a playful text by Nebojša Pop-Tasić, with live musical accompaniment by pianist Polona Janežič, under the dynamic direction of choreographer Sebastjan Starič.

Tin Grabnar, Ana Duša


Shadow performance, 5+
Director: Tin Grabnar
Puppet designer: Eva Mlinar
Set designer: Sara Slivnik
Costume designer: Tina Bonča
Opening: 19 September 2023, Small Stage

A shadow performance about a boy and his horse, with whom he wants to take part in a horse race, but realises that friendship is more important than winning.
The Amazons
Jaša Koceli, Júlia Sándor

The Amazons

Drama performance, 12+
Director: Jaša Koceli
Dramaturge: Julia Sandor
Set designer: Darjan Mihajlović Cerar
Costume designer: Branka Pavlič
Coproduction with The Children's Theatre of Kragujevac (Serbia) 
Part of Creative Europe project ConnectUp
Opening: 12 October 2023, Stage Under the Stars

The fictional story is interwoven with new documentary discoveries that confirm the real historical existence of ancient women warriors.
Two Little Knights

Two Little Knights

Drama performance based on the picture book by Bjørn Fredrik Rørvik and Alice Lima de Faria, 5+
Director and author of adaptation: Ivana Djilas
Set designer: Sara Slivnik
Costume designer: Jelena Proković
Opening: 19 October 2023, Grand Stage

Razigrana dramska predstava o drugačnih vitezih in nenavadni princesi, ki pobegne od doma, in o nekonvencionalnih kraljevih vzgojnih prijemih, po besedilu priznanega skandinavskega mojstra otroškega pisanja Bjørna F. Rørvika in v režiji nagrajevane režiserke Ivane Djilas.

The Tenth Daughter

The Tenth Daughter

Puppetry performance, 6+
Part of BiTeater
Director: Lucija Trobec
Dramaturge: Luna Pentek
Visual designer: Katarina Planinc
Opening: 26 October 2023, Kulturnica

An intimate puppet show with table puppets, based on a beautiful and touching folk story about a girl who has to earn her own bread. The performance was conceived by the youngest generation of Slovenian theatre artists, with the author of the idea and visual design Katarina Planinc playing the leading role.

The Notebook
Ágota Kristóf

The Notebook

Puppetry performance, 15+
Part of BiTeater
Director: Mia Skrbinac
Author of dramatization and dramaturge: Benjamin Zajc
Visual design: Jure Brglez
Coproduction with UL Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television
Opening: 23 November 2023, Tunnel

An experimental puppet show with table puppets and other puppet objects, based on Ágota Kristóf's famous novel about twins trying to survive the war in their grandmother's house by relentlessly exercising their will and spirit. A production for audiences aged 15 and over, interpreted by actress and this time also director Mia Skrbinac.
29c Kidrič Street
Martin Mlakar

29c Kidrič Street

Object theatre, 15+
Part of BiTeater
Director: Martin Mlakar, Tajda Lipicer
Dramaturge: Tajda Lipicer
Set designer: Damir Leventić
Opening: 2 February 2024, Kulturnica LGL

An intimate, original puppet show in the technique of object theatre about the space of the youth memories of a grandfather who, before becoming a grandfather, was a soldier, a young man, a human being. The show, aimed at audiences aged 15 and over, was written by the up-and-coming young theatre artist, actor and, this time, director Martin Mlakar.
In Good hands
Jera Ivanc

In Good Hands

Puppetry performance, 3+
Director: Jakub Maksymov
Dramaturge: Jera Ivanc
Visual designer: Jakub Šulík
Opening: 7 March 2024, Stage Under the Stars

An original puppet show using the actors' hands and arms and animated objects to tell the story of human hands, the gestures and properties of hands, their appearances and activities, directed by Jakub Maksymov, an international award-winning director from the Czech Republic.
A Mouse Called Julian

A Mouse Called Julian

Puppetry performance based on the picture book by Joe Todd-Stanton, 3+
Director: Asja Kahrimanović Babnik
Dramaturge: Benjamin Zajc
Visual designer: Jure Engelsberger
Opening: 14 March 2024, Small Stage

A puppet show with table and mime puppets about the unlikely meeting of a mouse and a fox who become lifelong friends, based on the picture book by Joe Todd-Stanton, a popular and award-winning English illustrator and writer, directed by Asja Kahrimanović Babnik, LGL Ensemble Actress.
Puppetry performance A Mouse Called Julian is based on the book A Mouse Called Julian © 2019, written and illustrated by Joe Todd-Stanton and published by Flying Eye Books Ltd.
Samson and Roberto: Baywatch

Samson and Roberto: Baywatch

Puppetry performance based on the book series by Ingvar Ambjørnsen, 9+
Adaptation: Nika Bezeljak, Maša Radi Buh
Director: Nika Bezeljak
Dramaturg:Maša Radi Buh
Visual designer and set design: Enej Gala
Opening: 4 April 2024, Šentjakob Stage

A puppet show with large mime puppets and puppets made of and on sticks, based on two books that are on the proposed list of works for the Slovenian reading badge. Norwegian star author Ingvar Ambjørnsen tells the story of Samson, an illiterate dog, and Robert, a clever cat, who host unusual guests from the fringes of society in an inherited boarding house on a fjord. Directed by Nika Bezeljak, the performance deals with current social issues.
Bear and Piggy
Sebastijan Pregelj and Igor Šinkovec

Bear and Piggy

Puppetry performance, 3+
Director: Mare Bulc
Visual designer: Igor Šinkovec
Set designer: Damir Leventić
Music: Polona Janežič
Opening: 18 April 2024, Grand Stage

A puppet show with mime puppets about the funny adventures of the friends Bear and Piggie, the lovable characters created by the writer Sebastijan Pregelj and the illustrator Igor Šinkovec, already known to many from the magazine Cicido.