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BiTeater has long been a programme set of Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana. The programme has to some extent changed its focus over the years, but has always maintained the nature of a platform intended for young theatre creators, providing them with opportunities for their artistic development and creation. This will continue to be the case in the future, although BiTeater performances will now put a greater emphasis on the puppetry medium, which Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana perceives as including very broad forms and ideas. The performances created within the BiTeater programme will continue to be conceived as solo projects or performances involving a small number of performers, centred around a young theatre artist, who is the architect of the idea and (often but not necessarily) also one of the performers. BiTeater is a programme set that encourages the upcoming generation of theatre artists to enter the world of puppets and puppetry and find their own original puppet expression as directors, actors, visual artists, costume designers, set designers, dramaturges... 

BiTeater performances (from 2022 onwards)

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29c Kidrič Street
Martin Mlakar

29c Kidrič Street

Object theatre, 15+
Directors: Martin Mlakar, Tajda Lipicer
Opening: 2 February 2022, Kulturnica LGL

Through object theatre, 29c Kidrič Street stages the “loud silence” that takes place after a person’s death. The performance conceptualises the objects as entities that bear their own and inherited memory, as triggers that speak of a certain life while simultaneously intertwining the narrator's naivety and regret. Despite the fact that the author animates the objects, he cannot bring the space back to life, which it was once full of.
The Notebook
Ágota Kristóf, Benjamin Zajc

The Notebook

Puppet performance, 15+
Director: Mia Skrbinac
Coproduction with UL AGRFT
Opening: 23 November 2023, Tunnel LGL

The Notebook, the directorial debut of Mia Skrbinac, is a comprehensive exploration of Ágota Kristóf's novel, a visual representation of a literary masterpiece and a study of the enduring human spirit in a time of great hardship. The intricate interweaving of survival, identity and the dehumanising effects of war, interwoven in one of the most harrowing works in the canon of contemporary European fiction, becomes an immersive experience on stage, drawing us into the harsh realities of wartime. 

The Tenth Daughter

The Tenth Daughter

Puppet performance, 6+
Author of the concept: Katarina Planinc
Director: Lucija Trobec
Opening: 26 October 2023, Kulturnica LGL

A performance about a girl who must leave her home and embark on a journey where she learns about the world and herself, based on the archetypal motif of the tenth same-sex child who is bound to leave the family home. As a self-reliant wanderer she faces the challenges of growing up and forming her identity.

Messy Room
Klemen Kovačič, Nik Žnidaršič

Messy Room

Conceptual design: Klemen Kovačič 
Opening: 8 December 2022, Kulturnica LGL

The performance Messy Room depicts memories through the medium of object theatre, using and animating everyday objects that evoke and manifest nostalgic associations. The object as one of the possible carriers of memory, or at least its trigger, opens up a collage of glimpses into the author's life. 

410 Kilometres
Karolína Kotrbová, Gašper Lovrec, Filip Mramor, Jernej Potočan, Domen Novak

410 Kilometres

Devised theatre, 15+
Director: Filip Mramor
Opening: 17 September 2022, Tunnel LGL

In the previous century, Karel Žlábek drew up a plan for a tunnel from České Budějovice to Koper which would have given the Czechs access to the sea. The show brings fragments of true stories conveyed in a more or less direct way by objects which serve as entrance points into the stories, as well as evidence and advocates of the stories to which they belong.