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410 KilometresDevised theatre, length 50 min

Photo by Jaka Varmuž
If history had revolved in a different direction by only a degree, the Czech engineer Karel Žlábek would have gone down in it as one of the greatest visionaries of his time. Not much is known about him, but he left behind him indelible dreams about a better future.

In the previous century, Karel Žlábek drew up a plan for a tunnel from České Budějovice to Koper which would have given the Czechs access to the sea.  The story about Karel Žlábek and his unique, ambitious construction project offers an impetus to think about courage much needed in today’s world by an individual daring to envision a better future. It confronts us with the question of how to dream in a world in which it is impossible to sleep.

The show brings fragments of true stories conveyed in a more or less direct way by objects which serve as entrance points into the stories, as well as evidence and advocates of the stories to which they belong. The stories these objects serve show in them a latent life; occasionally this happens when the objects function as the foundation for background music. Some stories are presented as ready-made, while the show tries to create a context in which a passage of a real story assumes a new life, one beyond reality.

In the story about the non-existing tunnel, the show’s creators found the proof that it is necessary to fight for a field of dreams. The narrative encourages consideration of ideals, calls for requests to move boundaries. By compiling true stories, the show explores the field of desire and unfulfilled wishes. It speaks about the courage we need to overcome our fear of being forgotten. What do we want to leave behind? What do we dare to wish? And how long is the path to our deepest dreams?

Filip Mramor was born in 1998 in Ljubljana. As student at the Poljane grammar school, he was a member of the Poljanski oder theatre group where he played the role of Lazar in Strniša’s play Žabe(Frogs) for which he was awarded the special jury prize for a male role at the 56th Linhart Festival of Slovene Theatre Groups.  He also played in productions of the Pionirski dom Centre for Youth Culture. As an improviser in the High School Impro League he was awarded the Best 20th Season Improviser Prize. In 2017, he started studying stage acting at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television (AGRFT) under Jernej Lorencij and Jernej Šugman, later also Branko Jordan. He graduated with the role of Perkmandelc in Zajc’s Jagababa (directed by Živa Bizovičar). During his studies he participated in the SNT Drama Ljubljana project Ljubezen (Love) (directed by Luka Marcen), in the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre production of The Secret KRVZ Society (directed by Mare Bulc) and in the Celje Theatre production of Kozlovska sodba v Višnji Gori (The Famous Goat Trial). He played in the short film Nedeljsko jutro (Sunday Morning), directed by Martin Turk, and in the series Mamin dan (Mom’s Day). He is a founding member of the Počemučka group with which he created two shows: Piano and Screaming (AGRFT Academy Studio) and Under Construction (Glej Theatre). The latter received a special jury reward at the 52th Week of Slovene Drama.Currently he is a post-graduate student of directing of devised and object theatre at DAMU, Prague.

Gašper Lovrec was born in 1998. After having concluded the Franc Miklošič grammar school in Ljutomer, he enrolled in the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana. He concluded the study of stage acting in the 2020/2021 academic year under the mentorship of Assoc. Prof Jernej Lorencij and Assist. Prof Branko Jordan. He graduated with the role of Voranc in Dane Zajc’s Jagababa (directed by Živa Bizovičar). During his studies at the Academy, he appeared at the Ljubljana Mini teater in the play Sin (The Son, directed by Eduard Miler), which qualified for the competition programme at the 55th Maribor Theatre Festival in 2020. In the 2021/2022 season he appeared in the Ljubljana City Theatre production of Izredne razmere (State of Emergency) directed by Jan Krmelj and in the documentary drama Sen 1991 (directed by Matias Zemljič). For the third season he has been one of the three presenters of Z kot Zofka (Z as Zofka), a children’s show of Radio-Television Slovenia, for which he also wrote the music.

In the show, the song Misao svijeta by Silvije Strahimir Kranjčević is used.

We thank Maria Magdalena Dufkova – Třipól magazin, Adela Babánova, the Nose family, Majda and Sašo.

The show was created in the framework of BiTeater, a programme scheme which offers young authors space for their first professional creation and exploration within the vast field of the contemporary puppetry art.

Premiere: 17th September 2022

Authors of the show: Karolína Kotrbová, Gašper Lovrec, Filip Mramor, Jernej Potočan, Domen Novak
Direction: Filip Mramor
Authors of the concept: Karolína Kotrbová and Filip Mramor
Visual appearance: Karolína Kotrbová
Sound: Gašper Lovrec
Dramaturgy: Jernej Potočan and Domen Novak
Acting: Gašper Lovrec, Filip Mramor
Producer: Alja Cerar Mihajlović
Lights: Jernej Potočan