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Secret Society KRVZAn Adventure Detective Story, length 105 min

Foto Jaka Varmuž
One evening, as Črt is going to bed, he spots a mysterious shadow and thinks it is a dragon. He is not wrong. On that same evening, the twins Kaj and Iza find a mysterious map, which they show to Vid, Črt's best friend. And just like that, the four 11-year-olds find themselves in the middle of a thrilling adventure.

Unlocking the map’s secrets takes the protagonists into the world of dragons and a mysterious plant that allows them to live for a long time. They face intricate puzzles and various villains, which further entangle the story.

The performance Secret Society KRVZ is based on Simona Semenič's novel for young people of the same name, for which she received the prestigious Blue Bird Award in 2020 and the Golden Pear Award in 2021, as well as a nomination for the 2021 Levstik Prize for original youth fiction. The novel was dramatized by the author herself and directed by Mare Bulc. 

The performance wittily intertwines the imaginary and the real in several layers, mixing various levels of language (Irena Androjna Mencinger took care of the proofreading) and worlds of action. The playful direction with choreographic elements by choreographer Sebastjan Starič opens up the space for the viewer's infinite imagination, which, with the help of an engaging narrator (played by Ajda Toman) and a diverse cast, brings the dramatic, multi-layered action together into a cinematically framed narrative full of magic that could only take place on the theatre stage. Damir Leventić's vibrant set design, Sanja Grcić's fairy-tale costumes and Andrej Hajdinjak's lighting magic create the visual atmosphere of this adventurous whodunit. The gripping story of compassion, friendship, sincerity, courage and intergenerational cooperation is accompanied by music from Polona Janežič, with a live violin performance by Jelena Ždrale.

Mare Bulc is an award-winning theatre director who frequently creates plays for children and young people. At the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, he directed, among others, the hit play Secret Society PGC.
Simona Semenič is a writer. She has won numerous awards for her work, which has been performed and published in Europe, the Middle East, and North and South America.


Author: Simona Semenič
Director: Mare Bulc
Cast: Matej Zemljič k. g. (Črt), Filip Mramor k. g. / Klemen Kovačič k. g. (Vid), Gaja Filač k. g. (Iza), Martin Mlakar k. g. (Kaj), Ajda Toman (Pripovedovalka), Primož Ekart k. g./Tines Špik k. g. (dedi Konstantin), Alenka Tetičkovič (gospodična Julija), Jernej Kuntner (Erasmus), Nina Ivanič (Tomasina Lisica), Jure Lajovic (Viljem), Lovro Finžgar (Ivan Jež), Jan Bučar (Klemen, Policaj 2), Rok Kunaver (Tine, Policaj 1), Jelena Ždrale k. g. (violinistka).
Author of the adaptation and dramaturg: Simona Semenič
Music by: Polona Janežič
Costume designer: Sanja Grčić
Set designer: Damir Leventić
Choreographer: Sebastjan Starič
Lighting designer: Andrej Hajdinjak
Language editor: Irena Androjna Mencinger
Assistant costume designer: Monika Colja
Assistant lighting designer: Maša Avsec
Scene map correction designer: Maja Rebov
Stage manager and sound designer: Emil Koprivc / Mitja Vasič
Expert support in sound design: Luka Bernetič
Studio recording of the violin and viola: Nino de Gleria
Producer: Alja Cerar Mihajlović
Stage technicians: Klemen Sašek, Darko Nedeljković
Makeup artist: Katja Duh
Wardrobe: Nataša Konić
Set, puppets, costumes and props made by: Iztok Bobić, David Klemenčič, Sandra Birjukov, Marjetka Valjavec, Zala Kalan, Olga Milić, Monika Colja, Maja Rebov, Sonja Tomić, Katarina Planinc, Sara Kolarič, Lea Petrič, Zlatko Djogić, Zoran Srdić