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Two Little KnightsDrama performance based on the picture book by Bjørn Fredrik Rørvik and Alice Lima de Faria, length 50 min

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There are only two knights left at the castle, after everyone else has gone to a jousting tournament. And it is their responsibility to find the missing princess and bring her home by evening, as ordered by the king. The king is king, so who are they to deny his wishes! On the other hand…Rosebush would much rather stay home and admire his new leopard print shoes and Bang is miserable because he is constantly falling, banging, and tripping over. The princess was very probably snatched by the dragon. They embark on a daring journey to the dragon’s den, where they find the princess—who doesn’t want to return home.

Based on the story by Norwegian writer Bjørn F. Rørvik, the performance encourages the search for alternative solutions that are beneficial to all involved. The story shows that often things are not what we think they are, so it is better to abandon prejudice. The expectations that the spectator has with regards to knights, kings, princesses, and dragons are turned upside down.

In agreement with the Teaterforlaget Songbird AS International Performance Rights Agency

Premiere: 19 October 2023, Grand Stage LGL

Ivana Djilas, theatre director for performances intended for children and adults, publicist, and much more. She graduated in directing from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade and completed her postgraduate studies at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana. For the most part of her theatre career, she has worked in Slovenian theatres, where she has directed around eighty performances. She has based her performances on contemporary and classical plays, as well as novels, short stories, poems, picture books, comics, newspaper columns, and even scientific texts. Her varied performances in terms of genre often include a mix of puppet techniques, video, and live music. She has received several awards, including for puppet performances directed at the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre. She also wrote the novel House (Hiša) which garnered much attention, and the collection of autobiographical essays entitled Can You For Once Shut Up (Ali si lahko enkrat tiho) for which she received the Rožanc Award.

Bjørn F. Rørvik (1964) is known for his witty language and humorous stories that never fail to leave the youngest, their parents, and the professional public impressed. He has received many of the highest Norwegian awards for his works

Director and author of adaptation: Ivana Djilas
Based on the picture book by: Bjørn Fredrik Rørvik and Alice Lima de Faria
Translator of picture book: Darko Čuden
Costume designer: Jelena Proković
Set deisgner: Sara Slivnik
Music: Blaž Celarec
Author of songs: Jani Kovačič
Choreographer: Željko Božič
Make up artist: Tina Prpar
Lighting designer: Igor Remeta
Proofreading:: Irena Androjna Mencinger
Assistant costume designer: Saša Dragaš
Prop technology: Olga Milić
Cast: Brane Vižintin, Aja Kobe, Jan Bučar, Ajda Toman and Blaž Celarec k. g.
Musicians on the recording: Andraž Polič and Joži Šalej
Stage manager and sound designer: Stanko Božanić
Producer: Alja Cerar Mihajlović
Lighting: Kristjan Vidner
Stage technician: Kliment Petkukjeski
LGL workshops manager: Zoran Srdić
Set and costume production: Sandra Birjukov, Olga Milić, Marjetka Valjavec, David Klemenčič, Zala Kalan, Iztok Bobić, ključavničarstvo Uroš Mehle s. p., UV d.o.o. Uroš Vovk, Indata
07.05.2024 at 18:00
Stage: Grand Stage LGL
09.05.2024 at 18:00
Stage: Grand Stage LGL
11.05.2024 at 11:00
Stage: Grand Stage LGL